Essay on Scene of a Railway Station in English

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100 Words – Essay on Scene of a Railway Station in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Last Sunday, I went to the railway station. I went to pick up my friend who was coming from Delhi. I bought a platform ticket and since it was time for the brain to arrive, I thought of spending some time there. There was a lot of excitement and activity on the platform. People were running too soon to catch the train. After the arrival of the train, some people, who had come to see the bandh, were saddened at the departure of their loved ones. Coolies were going on and the salesmen were getting in and out of the train. There was a huge crowd, which caused a lot of rip-offs and growing. But after leaving the train, it was all quiet on the platform and the stage gave a desolate appearance.

200 Words – Essay on Scene of a Railway Station in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

A railway platform is one of the busiest places. It is always very interesting that all different types of people stand up and move on from them. Travelers, railway officers, beggars, vendors and of course in their red uniforms are all important coolies.

A few days ago I went with my mother to meet my father from New Delhi railway station. He was coming from Mumbai by Dehradun Express. We had arrived on time to see everyone. My mother and I played a game trying to think where each person was from their conversation and dress. It was a good pass time.

The view on the platform was busy as the arrival time of the train drew near. The vendors started preparing to sell their goods on the train. Coolies started gathering on the stage. People gathered in large numbers. The noise level was unbearable. Everyone was screaming and talking at the same time.

The train comes round the bend and slowly moves towards the platform. My mother and I had crushed the neck to see if we could find our father. That was it! We had to wait impatiently for the train to get down. We all hugged each other happily. Other passengers were also busy in the train and dubbed the train. This platform stood as a silent witness to all the activities.


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