Essay on Scene at a Railway Station in English for Students

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The railway station in every city is a world in itself. No other place can be more crowded and noisy than a railway station. It is full of hustle and bustle all the time. People from all sections of society mingle freely. Almost everyone is in great hurry. The different dresses that people wear make it a colourful scene. The main consideration of all the people at the railway station is the time of arrival or departure of the trains.

Outside the railway station there is a great rush of passengers. There is no end to the incoming and outgoing vehicles. Hundreds of coolies wait for the passengers to carry their luggage to the compartments. Policemen who are assigned the duty to maintain order keep an eye on antisocial elements like the pick-pockets, teasers and confidence tricksters.

The ticket and the railway inquiry counters are rarely empty. There is a long queue of people at the counters, either to purchase the platform ticket or to inquire about the platform number from where their train shall leave. At the entrance the Railway Ticket Checker in his white uniform checks the tickets. No sooner one enters one has to jostle on way through.

There is a great crowd at the platform. Hardly anyone is at ease. People rush here and there with their luggage to check the time or the reservation. Some wait patiently or impatiently for the train and others who have arrived far too early fret at the waste of time. They watch their luggage and try to be alert. Some sit on the benches while others sit on their luggage itself as children run to and fro. Variety of luggage is seen—bags, trunks, holders, bundles and what not. Different people talk on different issues. Some have anxious look on their faces while some others seem uncomfortable. Apart from the passengers are the people who come to see off their friends and relatives.

There is the regular announcement of information of trains. There is a continuous display of advertisements and documentaries on various TV units set up at the platforms. Many people watch them with interest.

There are noisy scenes as passengers quarrel with the coolies over wages. Stubborn children cry for toys and sweets. Hawkers move up and down the platform shouting loudly to sell their goods. They create more confusion than attract the customers. There is sound of loud laughters from the groups of youngsters. Some even quarrel among themselves over petty matters. The various book stalls and refreshment stalls are crowded with people trying to make the first purchase.

As the announcement of the awaited train is made everyone gets alert and when the train steams in they move briskly. People run to find their seats in the compartment. The passengers push each other to enter the compartment first. When they finally settle on their seats with the luggage, the final greetings are made to those who came to see them off.

Many hearts throb and many waitings come to an end. When it is time for the departure there are many touchy and emotional scenes. On the other hand it is an equally emotional meeting of those who come to receive. The announcement of departure, whistle of the guard and the ready green sigma,’ ends the rushy scene at the platform with the waved good-byes, but not for long as people begin to gather for the next train.

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