Essay on Psychology in English for Students – Article, Speech, Paragraph

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Essay on Psychology

What is psychology

Psychology is the art of studying the behavioral changes of various beings. Some psychologists call it crazy. Some would call him a genius from heaven. Psychology is also called science of mind. Mind is a rather difficult field of research. Many question its presence and where exactly it is located.

Psychology meaning

Psychology originates from Greek. It is made up of two names – Manas and Logos. It means soul and science respectively. So this is the science of inner mind, consciousness and unconsciousness. This demands more attention because a slight variation in nerve end messages brings the greatest change in thinking.

Importance of psychology

Man’s thinking and actions cannot be limited in his mind. There is more to it. We have a sense of gut, intuition and de Ja vu feelings belong to this beautiful mystical realm. Man is active even while sleeping. That’s why the science of that psychology is called the science of behavior. Therefore it deals with behavior and its changes seen in humans and other beings.

Behavior is also a wide field of research. This is a broad concept. It mentions our way of thinking, work, our experiences, our thoughts, our activities and many more. Life is built on a billion emotions that are told and untold. And behavior includes everyone. Psychology mainly focuses on this behavioral area of ​​many individuals. They try to explain why individuals behave like this. They look at its concepts and what the motive was.

Aspects of psychology

There are four main goals of psychology. This includes how to describe, how to explain it, to anticipate what is likely to happen next, and to change unwanted situations. Scientists who work in these fields or fields are called psychologists. They study the process and concepts of thinking, learning, cognition, emotions, motives and personalities. Many studies and research are done by psychologists to try and find out why organisms do the work that they do.

Psychology has been studied for over a thousand years now. Even from an early age, people were very curious about the human mind. Even now people are difficult to understand and find out the exact reason for the stimulation of the mind. But they do not stop there.

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