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100 Words – Essay on Picnic for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Picnic means setting aside our daily chores for a day to go out with family or friends somewhere which brings peace to our brain. I go on a picnic once a month with my friends or sometimes with family. I was taken for a picnic on the canal with friends last week. We were all singing bicycles on the bicycle. On the way, cold air, scorching trees and waving crops in the fields were giving a very pleasant experience. On the canal we all bathed, ate food, played many sports and had a lot of fun. In the evening we all came back to sing laughing.

300 Words – Essay on Picnic for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

It is rightly said, “All work and drama, Jack makes a dull boy”. If we live in the same routine, life becomes monotonous and unbearable There are moments when we are feverish and eager to stay away from the feet of life. We want to forget about ourselves and our cares. Picnics and outings are the spice of life, they provide a welcome change in our lives. Last Sunday, students in my class decided to go on a picnic. Our teachers also agreed to go with us. We bought all the necessary things a day before. There was excitement in the students. SMS started in the early morning. Duties were allocated.

We hired a mini bus. The full throng of students was rising with laughter. It was decided that each of us should sing a song or listen to some joke. There was a shower of jokes and songs. Our teacher also told some jokes. After half more hours we reached our destination. We chose a good spot under the trees by the canal. Rohit and Konal were cooking and serving. After resting for a while, we took off our clothes and jumped into the canal. Happily we sprinkled water on each other. Some of us were good swimmers. Swimming competition was also held.

Now we were hungry. It was time for lunch. We were served such a delicious meal that we had never tasted before. It seemed that we were eating too much. At about 5 pm, when the evening shadow reminded us that that day was coming to a close, we had begun. We then boarded the bus and started our journey towards our homes. It was, in fact, a memorable picnic.

350 Words – Essay on Picnic for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

In our very busy lives, what better way than to go for a picnic with family and friends. This is what we did last Sunday. That day my family and some of our friends decided to visit a lake about ten kilometers from our house. We all got up early that day. We quickly packed several games. My mother had prepared some FWD for a picnic. We put the food in a tiffin carrier. At exactly eight o’clock we left for the lake. On th eway. We stopped our friends to join us. Once we were there, we descended towards the lake in earnest. On the lake we chose a grassy and shady place.

There we spread the cloth on the ground. We properly arranged for food and games. After that we started playing badminton. We had divided ourselves into two teams, the badminton game was very challenging. And our team defeated my father’s team. We played for about an hour after that we all felt tired and thirsty. We quenched our thirst with cold drinks. We rested for a while, my friend, who has a very good voice, sang a few songs. We all joined them in singing. It was already noon and the ladies called us for lunch. Meanwhile they kept food well on the mat. After our meal, we took some pictures then we decided to go for boating.

My father and some of his friends stayed behind and took care of our things. We have placed two boats. The boats took us far into the lake. On the way he told us many stories and myths about the lake. They told us that this lake was held in great respect by the locals. They believe that the lake originated from the tear of Lord Brahma, the creator we were in the lake for about an hour. It was already dark when we returned. We packed our things and put them in cars. After that we said goodbye to the lake and after that we came back home.

500 Words – Essay on Picnic for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

There is a great need for entertainment in today’s struggling life. Sometimes we go tomorrow before studying. Life begins to be a dull experience. Therefore, at such a time, there is a fervent desire to go into the lap of nature. Mother Nature removes all our tiredness and provides us with freshness and freshness. I remember. A fun day in life when I went to the bird house to picnic with the children of my class.

Program :

It is a matter of last year. It was the month of August. Schools were open at the end of summer vacation. The studies were going on in full swing. It was also very hot. It was Monday. It was morning. The clouds suddenly covered the sky. There was darkness in the class room. The monitor of my class took the name of the picnic and all the students and students of the class accepted it with pleasure. The class teacher got orders from the head teacher and we sat in the school bus and walked towards the bird house.

Pace :

Clouds were thundering along the way. Lightning was blazing. We reached the door of the bird house playing our instruments and singing songs. It was nine o’clock in the day. It was raining heavily. The teacher bought the tickets and we all entered inside with our luggage. Birds and Animals First of all, we laid musical instruments and tiffons on a tree under a tree. Then we set out to observe the beauty of nature. There were many types of trees. Somewhere there were vines and somewhere there were bushes. Somewhere there was a lake and somewhere there were bird and animal cages. We were surprised at the workmanship of God by seeing colorful birds of many types. Seeing the peacocks dancing on the black clouds, my heart and heart woke up.

Some were parrots and some were owls. The exotic birds looked very strange. Now it was the turn to see the animals. We first saw the monkeys. For the first time in life I saw many monkeys of monkeys. There were many animals like lions, elephants, foxes, bears etc. Fishes, crocodiles and turtles were also seen in a lake. Also saw herons flying in the sky. Now we were tired. So we all reached a certain place.
entertainment :

We all shared lunch and ate it. Our Guru brought a thong apple for us. We all enjoyed Kashmiri apples. Due to the rain stopped, the sky had started becoming unstable. Indra Dhanush looked very attractive on the west side. We all sung together Hindi and English poems. Badis started ringing. The atmosphere became musical. The cool, soft fragrant air was giving us joy.
Departure :

After a while we planned to play ‘Khoh’. We played ‘Khoh’ game with the permission of Guru ji. Then we left for school. It was a great joy that day. Even today, I cherish his memory in my heart.

700 Words – Essay on Picnic for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

A picnic is a short trip to a beautiful place outside and a pleasure in the lap of nature. Picnics add spice to our lives. They provide a much sought-after respite from our monotonous, routine lives. Every school and college arranges a picnic for its students. Delhi is the capital of India, it is a beautiful city. Popular picnic spots in Delhi are Tolkatora Garden, Roshanara Bagh, Qudiya Garden, Buddha Jayanti Park, India Gate, Nehru Park, Lodhi Garden, The Garden of Five Senses etc.

Each of these places boasts a green landscape filled with trees and plants of various varieties, where one can play or simply lie down and relax. Last Sunday, our school headmaster asked for 36 students in class 9 Organized a picnic, ‘The Garden of Five Senses’, Mehrauli students were asked to contribute 150 each for the outing. Our class teacher, Mr. Banerjee, as well as our headmaster, accompanied us to take a bus from Delhi Transport Corporation to a picnic spot in Kalkaji, a scholarship school and bring them back to school.

All the students of class 9 arrived at the school before 8.00 am on Sunday. The bus also arrived on time. The class teacher asked the students to sit on the board of the bus for their seats. The seats in front of the entrance were occupied by the Headmaster, our class teacher, Mr. Banerjee and our class monitor, perhaps to oversee the activities of the students on the bus. The bus left at 8.15 am. We reached ‘The Garden of Five Senses’ at Mehrauli at 9.00 am. The journey was very smooth.

The students were very happy as they had a free day to enjoy themselves. They all wore casual clothes and looked smart and cheerful. Our class teacher and Raju went ahead and got the entry ticket for all of us from the ticket counter at the entrance. Said-ul-Azaib village near Mehrauli has a garden of five concerns. It provides a spectacular view of the Qutub Minar and Chhatarpur Temple in the background. The colors of bamboo delight the senses The Ethas Bagif has about 2000 varieties of plants to decorate the place, notable terracotta pots by famous artists, sculptures, fragrant trees and shrubs etc. The ‘Solar Power Park’ consists of a series of solar systems consisting of buses, bicycles and cars.

The blue lilies were in a vase of flowers when we visited. The colorful flowering bushes and wind chimes were a breathtaking experience for making music in the tree area. All the students made themselves comfortable on the green lawn and made baskets in the sun. Sandwiches and a light snack with apple juice were provided. At the suggestion of the Headmaster, some recreational activities were organized. The recitation of the poem, mono-acting, surname speech ‘, jokes, songs, dance etc., were done by the students. All the students actively participated in the activities. The program went very well.

At 1.30, our monitor along with three other students served everyone on a lunch packet. Lunch was delicious. After lunch, we relaxed for some time the Headmaster announced that we wanted to leave the picnic spot at 5.00 pm. He ordered that everyone needed the bus at 4.45 am. Until then, the students were free to do whatever they liked. The student felt like free birds.

They are scattered in groups, some went for ‘Khas Bagh’, some for fragrance trials etc. Some students sat under the chest of a tree and some were playing other games while others settled in a game of chess or ludo. Some groups of students played music on their iPods, while others were busy with their smart phones. Many joined in to shake a leg for the popular beats At 4.30 pm, Raju, our class monitor requested everyone to go towards the bus. The students wanted to spend some more time at the scenic location, but had to comply with their headmaster’s orders and their monitor’s request. Once all the students boarded the bus, Raju headed to the headquarters to ensure that no one was left behind.

Light refreshments were provided in the bus which started at 5.00 am Warm samosas and coffee we got so animated that we sang and enjoyed ourselves to the maximum. Finally, we reached our school at 5:45 pm. Our parents are waiting for us The picnic had come to an end, but the good memories of it were to stay on it.

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