Essay on Pheriwala in English – 250 Words

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Essay on Pheriwala in Very Easy Words

Ferrywallows can usually be seen on the streets of big and small towns, cities and villages. They sell various items ranging from food, vegetables, clothes, shoes, utensils, home-held items to artificial jewelry and medicines. Typically a hawker is a small business man who invests all his savings in certain goods, which then sells for a profit. He usually makes small profits on his sales. There are times when he makes a big profit, especially during the festival season, and also during the annual village or town fairs.

His hard work is because he has to move his goods from one place to another to sell. In order to attract customers, he usually assumes shrill shouts or strange spells to each other. People from all walks of life buy things from them be they middle class wives, poor people, children, rich business men or just about anyone who walks on the street. There are two types of hawkers who sell things and those who buy other things. Kabri Wallace manufactures the second category of street princes.

They are found only in the countries of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They buy empty bottles, old newspapers and plastic containers from homes and then sell them to used goods dealers. They in turn sell them to recycling plants. A person can learn a lot from these hawkers who want to make their customers attractive while talking about their sales. Without them a house wife feels lost, so they are a very important part of daily life.


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