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200 Words – Essay on My School for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

I am a student of Government High School, Shillong. My school is situated in the middle of a beautiful green valley. There are many trees that surround the school. Many wild flowers can be seen around our school during the spring season. My school has a two-storey structure.The building has about 40 class rooms, three laboratories, two teacher rooms and four administrative rooms.

There is a huge playground behind my school, where the annual sports meeting of my school is held every year. The school campus also has a small auditorium. This school has my school’s annual awards ceremony and annual day. The school has approximately seven hundred students and fifty teachers. Its library has more than a thousand books on various subjects ranging from art to commerce, science and mathematics. There is a lot of emphasis on the all-round development of a student in the school.

In addition to regular classes, excellent coaching in various sports is offered to qualified students. There is special provision of competent guidance by experts for those who are interested in debate, science modeling, dance and singing. Due to this attention many students have won awards at various events organized at the state level. Our head hurts a lot to maintain a disciplined student community on the school campus. It is therefore no surprise that students from remote areas take admission in my school.

300 Words – Essay on My School for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

I study at St. XYZ School which is one of the best schools in Delhi. It has a stone building.It has all the facilities of a good school – well equipped classrooms, laboratories, library and playground.

As soon as we enter the school, there is a playground and a small garden on our left which is to our right when we enter the building, the principal’s room and office room are on the left and the staff. They are well equipped. There are thirty to four classes. Our lab is well equipped. Our library has books on almost all subjects. Our librarians are also very useful.

Our school, like all schools, has a fixed uniform. We must wear white or cream cotton shirts, light blue trousers, black shoes and white socks. Girls are required to wear white blouses and light blue skirts in primary and middle classes and white shirts and light-gray skirts in higher classes. They also have to tie white ribbon.

In our school special attention is given to behavior, hygiene and restriction. The most well behaved, clean and punctual student has been awarded an award at the annual day celebrations.

Our doctrine is a strict disciplinary He p. T. Teachers have also taken help. If anyone violates the rules, and is not in uniform, or does mischief, he is punished. But he is fair and loving. He tries to find out the cause and guides us.

Our teachers are also very strict. They teach us with great care, check our notebooks, help us when we need to, but punish us if we are unnecessary and do not work properly. goes.

I like my school very much and I am proud that I belong to it. I’ll never forget it.

400 Words – Essay on My School for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

School is very important in every person’s life. This is the place where one gets primary education. The school is also called the temple of learning where Saraswati, the goddess of learning, resides. In school itself, we learn to live with each other. My school is the sweetest place for me. I get great pleasure in school and learn something new everyday. All the children eat together here so that there is no discrimination in the name of religion or in the name of the high and low. Children’s heart is very soft, what they are taught at that time is always with them. Children get a good learning environment in school.

Characteristics of my school

Every child has a different attachment to their school. The environment around each school is different and it motivates the children to move forward in a different way. My school remains in the peace of the fields away from the city crowds. It has two buildings, one for children up to class five and another for older children. There is a huge ground between the two buildings and on the other side there are badminton cot and swimming bridge. All our teachers are very honest and hardworking. He also fully supports the children. The principal of the school is also very happy. Each class has four fans and has windows for the air. There is also a large library, computer lab and Vigyan’s lab. There is also a parking facility for children coming from bicycles. The school is accredited by the Central Board. Many children from the village also come to study for which the bus has been provided.

Special programs to be held in school

Along with education, we are also encouraged for cultural and philanthropy etc. and are also taught through Parosekter. Following are the activities of the school

1. Every Saturday, some competition is held which is conducted in every class and it is mandatory for all children to participate.
2. Quiz competitions are organized from time to time so that children are aware of the activities taking place in the country.
3. All festivals are celebrated very well so that they get to know history and also increase mutual love.
4. A year-long sports festival is also organized to keep children fit and promote them for sports.


The school not only gives you books, but also teaches you how to live and grow in society. School is the only place where we learn to grow. My school is two miles from my house and I go by bicycle. I love my school because it encourages me on the path of development.

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