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Essay on Means of Transport in English for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Man is a social animal who is always in search of new things for the progress of society and due to his curious nature. Man is the man who has taken the means to fix the journey of months from his inventions in a few hours. The means through which we can go from one place to another has been called the means of transport which includes buses, trains, bicycles, bullock carts etc.

Means of transport in ancient times

In ancient times, when man was not so developed, he used to travel on foot but slowly he started using animals and since the invention of the wheel, the means of traffic like bullock cart, rickshaw etc. came into existence.

Modern Transport Means

Over time, humans progressed a lot and the invention of steam engine revolutionized the means of transport. We currently have the following types of transport modes

1. Means of traffic moving on land- Through these means of traffic, we can go from one place to another by way of land. These modes mainly include buses, rails, autos, tampos etc.

2. Means of traffic moving in water- Through these means, we go from one place to another through the path of water. These proved to be very beneficial for us because it was through them that it was initially possible to go from one country to another. The main boat, boat, etc. come in these means.

3. Means of air traffic- Through these means, we stay in the sky and reach from one place to another. This is the fastest means of transport through which we can go from one country to another in just a few hours. These instruments mainly include airplanes, helicopters etc.

Means of transport and pollution

Along with the development of the means of transport, pollution has also increased, causing great harm to the environment. We should also use public means of transport.


In today’s time, the means of transport is very important because if these resources are not there, then man will not be able to reach his workplace in time and will not be able to progress. We need to use these means of transport carefully and stay connected. The search for means of transport is like a gift for the coming generations so that they will not have to endure the journey. The means of transport also help in maintaining national and international unity and takes us from one city to another to get introduced to different culture. It can be said that the means of transport is beneficial for us if they are used smoothly.


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