Essay on Literature and Life in English for Students

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Essay on Literature and Life

Literature is the mirror of society . A litterateur has always put the real picture of society in his literature. Human life is a part of society.

Human beings create a society together. Thus, the relation between society and human life is also integral. Both society and life complement each other. From the Vedic texts of Adikal and the Upanishads to the present day literature has always influenced human life.

In other words, by studying the literature of any period, we can easily study the living and other activities of the then human life or get complete information about it. A good literature is always helpful in the upliftment and character development of human life.

Literature strengthens his mind and at the same time he can bring down the moral qualities that lead him to greatness. This is the amazing and great power of literature, which brings about revolutionary changes in human life from time to time.

Literature has given a new direction to the ideology of man. In other words, literature has to be sheltered to change the ideology of man. We can experience the modern-day human life and their related routines, but if we have to satisfy our curiosity about the life of ancient times, then we have to resort to the literature of the day.

Indian civilization was highly advanced in the Vedic period. We are proud of our glorious traditions. Through the literature of the time, we can get all the information related to human life and can study the life values ​​that the society then becomes advanced by assimilating.

Thus life and literature have an unbreakable relationship. The writer who experiences grief, depression, bitterness, affection, love, love, compassion, etc. in his life brings those same experiences to literature. Apart from this, whatever happens in the country, the kind of environment it gets to see, that environment definitely has an impact on its literature.

If we turn the pages of history, we find that the revolutionary ideas of litterateurs have brought great victories to kings and emperors. Many such kings are mentioned who had specially appointed poets and litterateurs in their court to maintain the morale of themselves and their army.

In medieval period, poets of Virus like Bhushan had court patronage and respect. Bihari Lal made the villainous Maharaj aware of his duty with his poetic power. The great Sanskrit writers Kalidas and Banabhatta enjoyed patronage of their kings.

” नहिं पराग नहिं मधुर मधु नहिं विकास इहिं काल । अलीकली सी सौं बँध्यो आगैंकौन हवाल 

Thus we see that life and literature cannot be separated. Advanced literature gives moral values ​​to life that lead to upliftment. The story of the development of literature is the real story of the development of human civilization.

When our country was a slave to English power, the authorship of authorship focused on the former pride and present plight of the nation. From this point of view, the importance of literature remains even in the present. Today’s writers are giving ample space to the problems of present-day India in their works.

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