Essay on Indo-Pak Relations in English – 300 Words

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Essay on Indo-Pak Relations in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Pakistan has been hostile to India since day one. In 1948 Pakistan invaded Kashmir. Although India had returned the Pakistan Army, the entire Kashmir could not be liberated due to our wrong policies. From the beginning, Indo-Pak relations have generated much heat and international attention. The two countries have fought three wars against each other. Many non-conclusive meetings have also been held at the secretarial and other top levels.

Pakistan’s secret service agency ISI is training Kashmiri and foreign terrorists to spread violence in the state. It is said that our forces win on the battlefield but our leaders lose at the table. This is quite clear from the Tashkent Agreement of 1966 and the Simla Agreement of 1972. After the 1965 and 1971 wars, we had every opportunity to vacate our conditions and free Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, but our leaders failed to do so. International pressure now we have to face proxy-war from Pakistan. , As state-sponsored terrorism.

Pakistan-based terrorist organizations attacked the assembly in Srinagar and our Parliament had further deteriorated Indo-Pak relations as a result of these attacks. Both countries arrived during the second war. India canceled Samjhauta Express and Delhi-Lahore bus service. Diplomatic relations with Pakistan were severed. Now, relations between the two countries have improved slightly. The two countries have agreed to resume bilateral talks on all issues.

India and Pakistan must understand that their economic status does not allow them to engage in any kind of conflict. Both countries should settle their disputes through all bilateral table talks. Both countries are now nuclear powers. Any war at this level will cause mass destruction of property and human life. The leaders of both countries have realized this fact very well. It is an established fact that the people of both countries want peace, love and harmony. We hope that the leaders of India and Pakistan should take care of their people.


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