Essay on Indian Woman in English – 500 Words

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Essay on Indian Woman for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

The air of change has been blowing in our country since independence. The era of independence is the era of woman. The woman is no longer a puppet in the hands of man, she is not a mere drawing room decoration piece. She has come into her own, gone are the days when she was confined within the four walls of the house. She has come out of ignorance. She is moving shoulder to shoulder with the man and is conscious of her responsibility in building a new and prosperous India. During the period of foreign domination, the Indian woman was almost retired from the social and political life of the country. When Mahatma Gandhi started the freedom struggle, some women came shoulder to shoulder and share the weight of the struggle. They have proved that they are useful citizens of the country as they are men. After independence, the Indian woman has achieved her glory, the Constitution of India has given her equal rights as to be enjoyed by humans.

His inferiority status has now ended happily. We can see the fruit of this equality at various places in India, where the work of national reconstruction is going on. Women are now eligible for most jobs. Before independence, they did not have so many openings. They can now contest for state assemblies and parliament. The Indian eve is progressing rapidly. Women are no longer seen as mere objects of sexual pleasure. A good percentage of women in India have entered businesses that in the past were men’s monopolies. We can see women doctors, lawyers, IAS. And IFS officers, professors and teachers some of them have distinguished themselves as athletes. Since the independence period, India has produced eminent women ambassadors and governors. Some of these are Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Pandit, Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur, Miss Padmaja Naidu, Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani and Lakshmi Menon. They are the greatest respect for Indian femininity.

The future of a country depends on good mothers. Napoleon once said, “Give me good mothers and I will give you a good nation.” The ruling party is conscious of this. All opportunities are being given to improve their lot Women education is becoming more and more popular women are no longer considered as financial liability. They have become property for their families – now men have to wait on women in offices and other businesses. We see beautifully dressed women moving with poise and confidence. They lend grace to social ceremonies The Government of India has done a lot to improve the condition of women. The Hindu Succession Act grants a sister the right to claim property with her brothers. The Hindu Marriage Act does not allow a man to have more than one wife but modern Indian eve still remains dominated by man.

Religion, literature, politics – everywhere man dominates it – surely women will take some more time to come on their own. In any case, the period of slavery and domestic labor has come to an end and has become a part of the past. In the future they will return him to the position of honor and respect which he got in ancient India.

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