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100 Words – Essay on Importance of Games for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Sports have a lot of importance in our life. It is helpful in our mental and physical development. By playing, a person remains healthy and he develops well. By playing, a person develops a sense of discipline, cohesion, competition, and obeying the leader etc. If we just keep reading all day, we will become timid and lazy while playing. Every person should adopt sports in their life. We should play at work and play time.

150 Words – Essay on Importance of Games for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Sports are an integral part of education, they ensure good health and create a good rejuvenation. They develop a healthy attitude towards life. Sports were not given much attention in the past but now their importance has been recognized. The purpose of education is considered to be the all-round development of a person’s personality. One of the aims of education is to build character, impart moral education and inculcate certain qualities, which help an individual in helping a responsible person, but sports also has an important role in their development. Motivation, hard work, perseverance, determination are some of the qualities that are necessary for success in one’s life.

250 Words – Essay on Importance of Games for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Sports make a person active and smart. He has strength and freshness in his mind. He becomes more active in all the activities of life. International sports events like Olympic Games, Cricket World Cup competition, Hockey, Football, Tennis etc. different countries. Let’s bring it together. What the governments of countries cannot achieve, can be easily achieved by sports. Sports not only make people fit and smart but also make the country prosperous. So tell us “yes” for sports and games and “no” for drugs.

Games are essential for us. They keep us sound and fit. They offer us a change from everyday sleep. It is a useful way for stimulation and physical action. Games help in character building. They give us vitality and quality.

Sports are methods for mental and physical development. Between sports, we come to learn many things. We understand how to maintain a mental balance between expectations and depression. They make us understand how to handle trouble situations. Games increase the feeling of friendship. They build friendship with us. They help in creating mental and physical stability. They shape our body and make it solid and dynamic. They give us energy and strength. They expel tiredness and inactivity. They increase the flow of blood. It increases our physical prosperity.

Along these lines, sports have a grand impetus in life. Sports facilities are being prepared in the country and semi-urban areas. There are sports fields in the towns, sports infrastructure is being built to further them. Different game associations are doing well in the advancement of such games.

500 Words – Essay on Importance of Games for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The game is very important and beneficial for everyone. Along with reading, sports also have their own importance. It keeps us physically and mentally healthy. Playing makes a person fit and fit and he is also capable of self-defense. Sports are also good means of entertainment. When we are tired after reading all day, our brain gets peace by playing and we feel refreshed. We can play many games, some of which are played indoors and some require an open field. By playing, we do some kind of exercise and playing in the open field also provides pure air.

The Games have also been approved internationally. In today’s time, a person can make his future in sports too and can make the countrymen proud by playing for the country. Our personality is also strengthened by playing. Rum meets many people during the game, so that we get to know the activities happening in the society and also know the ideology of different people. In sports, we are in a team, which develops friendship in us. We learn to respect each other’s decision and obey the leader. Sport also brings competitive spirit in us.

Sports keep our mass muscles strong and blood circulation is also right. Sports have great importance in our life because just reading all day makes a person lazy and timid. So we should play at work and play time at work time. Sports are very healthy for us. Our mental development also comes from sports. To play many games we need concentration and finesse, so that we remain focused in life also. We get great pleasure from sports and we also have to face ups and downs. We work with solace and patience at the time of defeat and this spirit of patience helps us a lot in life.

Sports teach us to be strong and live life training. It teaches us to have positive thoughts and motivates us to do continuous action. It teaches us to work hard instead of feeling depressed at losing so that we can win next time. They teach us to walk with others together and live together. Irritability and a lot of sickness go away from playing sports. Self confidence in us is awakened and we work more diligently. We should make sports an integral part of our life and must play some sport. Attention should also be paid to sports as well as teachers in schools. We should give priority to education as much as sports and we should participate in it.

600 Words – Essay on Importance of Games for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Sports are very important in our life. Since ancient times, the importance of sports is understood. Realizing the importance of sports, many sports are already played in our India country, which are the favorite sports of the people.

In this changing world, everything is changing, but even today, many people play sports considering the importance of sports. Today many sports are played in our country like cricket, hockey, chess, tennis, kho-kho, kabaddi kabaddi etc. Hockey is the national sport of our country but what the youth of India like the most is cricket.

Most of the people like to play cricket, sometimes the children play cricket day by day, in fact, cricket is the most favorite sport but different sports have different importance, each one is their own choice but one thing which is the most common It is a matter of fact that sports have great importance in life, we get many types of benefits from these sports.

Our body stays healthy by playing sports. There are many people who have problems of obesity, problems of diseases like heart and diabetes. If they play sports, many other problems like obesity are also seen to end gradually. Everyone says that exercise is very important, to keep the body healthy, everyone must do exercise but there are some people who exercise Can not he can make some game playing can make your exercise in a way and also with entertainment.

Many kinds of diseases are overcome by playing sports, together it is also a very good way to remove irritability and bring a smile on our face. Many children become victims of depression, some are pressurized to study, then some children go into depression due to many concerns, they can avoid these problems if they play sports. Sports are of great importance in eliminating all these diseases, children who are always depressed and depressed, sports have a special importance in energizing them, sports are also very important in concentrating the mind.

If we see, if the mind is concentrated then we can achieve success in many places, we can be the top in studies, all this happens when we do sports along with studies. Nowadays, if we see, there are many parents who insist on education more, but the truth is that both sports and studies have importance in life, that is the importance of education as much as the importance of sports in life. Every parent and teacher should tell children or students the importance of sports along with education so that the child can be mentally and physically healthy. In fact, sports are very important in life. Is important.

Today, if we see, we have many types of entertainment in the changing times, in which mobile and TV are prominent, many children keep running TV, mobile all day and day, which affects their eyes as well as the brain too bad. It affects their health, in such a situation, sports like cricket, hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho prove to be a boon in the lives of children, old people and young people. We are also a lot of happiness in life not to help them mentally and physically healthy, give them health.

Sports also make us exercise along with entertainment. In fact, sports are very important in life. To achieve success in life, we should make a time table in which we should also study and play on time. It is very important. .

1400 Words – Essay on Importance of Games for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

According to the World Health Organization, ‘health is a state of complete physical, mental, social as well as spiritual well-being of an individual life. Educationists serve the purpose of promoting the mind but a healthy mind lives in a healthy body by actively participating in a sport can develop and maintain a healthy body. Entertainment, especially sports, is still a penny for the people of India, as they believe more in making money and collecting money for future generations. Therefore, sports have been neglected from day to day life. They, in fact, regard them as unnecessary and waste time.

When a child expresses a desire to go to open their mouth, the parents or elders begin to refrain from saying that their exam is hand-in-hand or that they did not do well in the previous exam. This mentality is largely responsible for children’s reluctance to play. One who has not played any sport in his childhood can only generate interest for him in the latter part of his life. This vicious cycle continues. But change has started to change for the better. Sports keep our body alert, active, young and energetic. They make us feel a sense of adventure. Sports increase blood circulation, boost metabolism, burn calories and improve respiratory and digestive system. A healthy person can work enthusiastically for a long period of time, and can withstand the dangers of courage. In sports, players develop a sense of self-reliance, confidence, justice and fair play.

They enable them to cultivate qualities like discipline, honesty, loyalty and patriotism. While playing sports, various body muscles are used and there is no need to join a gym for this purpose. Fast walking, walking, cycling, skipping, swimming and yoga are common activities to keep oneself fit. They also tone the body of both young and old. Mild exercises are beneficial for patients with heart attack and patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, blood pressure etc. Exercise assimilates the mind and body and helps in keeping one fit. Sports is an excellent medium of entertainment. Millions of fans around the world are watching football, cricket, lawn tennis or wrestling. When we watch and play sports, we forget all our worries and worries.

They enable us to remove our thoughts from negative thoughts. A game person develops a team spirit, learns to adjust to the other person’s shortcomings, and follows and follows the rules of the game in which He plays. Demonstrations, statements, diplomacy and self-discipline of the players demonstrate Sports build confidence to face challenges in our lives and are not afraid of failures, which are the stepping stones to success. Will help to reconstruct one’s skills after withdrawing and to work hard afresh to achieve one’s goal Ahia.

Sports create a sense of play and broaden one’s outlook. They are very essential for the students. In our schools, however, sports are not given much importance. Half an hour or forty-five minutes are given for playing once or twice a week. Children find it difficult to chase the game of their choice in a specified period of time. Some schools cannot raise funds for sports equipment, while most schools do not have a playground. Many schools do not employ any physical instructor to guide children to various sports.

They feel that sports make children mentally and physically strong. Many school children are obese due to lack of participation in sports. Obesity puts them in the high risk category of infectious diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. The education system needs to be reformed, to ensure that sports and sports are given equal importance. There is hardly anyone in the present age who is unfamiliar with the advantages of playing the game, yet the majority of the adult population in India never offers an option to play the game; It is found in students or children who play a variety of sports; They also go to play against the wishes of their parents.

Luckily, with the advertisement of IPL cricket gradually being joined by similar leagues as “other sports like football, hockey, tennis, wrestling, kabaddi, etc., which are good tricks for all players, as a means of playing” A lot of people are starting to get favors for livelihood. Sports and sports not only strengthen the bones and muscles of the body, but also speed up blood circulation, increasing the rate of metabolism and respiration. In short, sports and sports are an integral part of life and the health of those who are compromised by it is manipulated. The indifference of the general public and the poor performance of our country at international sporting events to the officials of sports and sports. Looks clear. At the Beijing Olympics, India’s best performance in winning a gold was two bronze medals praised as a ‘historic breakthrough’ for the country.

India had then won six medals at the London Olympics. However, it is disheartening to see that even players from smaller countries like South Korea, Romania etc. have been able to win a significant number of medals so far. India is behind other countries in many sports. Furthermore, in the absence of funds and facilities, players are unable to use their talent and energy in a productive manner. For example, hockey is mostly played on grass courts in India, even though the whole world has adopted Astroturf. There is also a lack of international standard training. Players are not motivated to excel in the absence of rewards and incentives. They are unaware of the diet they should follow to keep themselves fit Cricket is the only game that has been given importance. But allegations of match-fixing, faulty selection procedures and misuse of funds have dogged the image of cricket in India. There is no doubt that the game has many advantages but they also have drawbacks. Some players fracture or lose their limbs or are permanently disabled while playing the game.

Many students take great interest in sports and ignore their studies. The unprecedented flow of money in some sports, mainly cricket, has led to corrupt practices such as rigged elections and match fixing. The government enacted a National Sports Policy in 2001. It promotes the popularity of the game among the public at large. It aims at infrastructure development and provision of better coaching facilities. The National Welfare Fund for Sportsmen was set up in the year 1982, to help outstanding sportspersons of the day who brought glory to the game in the country but neglected and wanted 70 percent of our population The Village Sports Program was launched in 1970-71, to popularize sports in villages and tap the talent hidden in rural areas. The scheme has been revised.

Sports scholarships are awarded to talented boys and girls. After years of encouragement, some rural sports such as kabaddi, archery and wrestling have made international entry today and medals have also been provided at the Asiad, Commonwealth Games and Olympics. Sports and sports are an effective means of ensuring general good health, measures should be taken to ensure active participation of people in sports. The government should formulate a long-term national sports policy. Children should be informed about the benefits of playing sports. They should be made to play sports regularly Training facilities should be introduced for various sports. Existing training facilities should be upgraded and expanded. The selection of players should be appropriate for national and international sports. For this, the government has started a scheme related to talent search and training. Under the scheme, promising sportspersons are assisted for training and training-cum-competitions in India and abroad, and for the purchase of equipment and scientific support.

Support staff such as coaches, sports scientists, doctors, masseurs etc. are also encouraged, as well as assistance to attend seminars and major international sports events and to receive specialized training to appear in qualifying examinations. . The scheme is implemented through the Sports Authority of India (SAT). The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports promotes various schemes to encourage sports players. Various awards like Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Arjuna Award, Dhyanchand Award, Dronacharya Award, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy, Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar etc. are awarded to recognize the outstanding and outstanding performances of the players. All these schemes encourage the players for high achievements and motivate the youth to take up the sport as a career.

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