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500 Words – Essay on Importance of Adult Education in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Education work in relation to the entire social environment. Thus its activities cannot be limited to providing only background knowledge through formal knowledge alone. Open school and new-school education form an essential part of total education. In a developing country like India, even deep and deserving young boys and girls and young men and women are unable to obtain school, college or professional education due to economic and social reasons. Thus the idea of ​​adult education was formulated in the later years of life to supplement formal school by independent effort.

The problem attracts the attention of a large number of countries. It covers the educational, economic, social and cultural needs and objectives of the people. The Adult Education Committee of Great Britain defines adult education as encompassing all intentional efforts through which men and women have gained the knowledge to prepare themselves for responsibilities as citizens and to explore possibilities for self-expression. Has attempted to complete its quest. The American Association for Adult Education has noted that the purpose of adult education is to inspire adults to be more than just a few. At its best it is richness of life, appreciation of life offered, great satisfaction in the use of mind and body and Leads to a better understanding of rights and duties.

In Denmark, adult education means “public school”. In short, it helps man and woman to acquire knowledge and develop themselves in life by understanding new skills and behaviors. It is a voluntary work to channelize the energy of people to do creative work after formal school. Russia is now a percentage literacy in New Delhi, men are serving in this context at the Open School Secondary and Senior Secondary levels. So is Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi which is not only offering educational and vocational courses to Indians but also international cooperation. The name of Village Wrinkle Moham is very meaningful for the benefit of students from other countries using Maharashtra. This campaign is not dependent on the government but it works on its own. Before the plan is put into operation, the enthusiasm of the entire village has emerged, their consent is obtained first and then the responsibility is handed over to the people themselves.

Obstacles such as financial fines and lack of enthusiasm are thus overcome. After attaining percent literacy in the village, it has grown to a taluka, and then to the district. Scheme has three objectives: to eliminate illiteracy from the adult population, to provide follow-up programs and to bring all-round development to the village. The UNESCO Pahlavi Award has received this low cost scheme for merit work in achieving percent literacy. Other states like UP, Rajasthan, MP, to mention a few, have to follow their adult literacy programs and the results are encouraging. To keep democracy alive, rhythm is necessary in India. Literacy is not there till the entire population can participate actively in the political life of the country. Literature is a precursor to personal development to express an inner urge for better social status, better citizenship and a prosperous life.

1000 Words – Essay on Importance of Adult Education in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Adult education in Indian schools is a very important issue from the beginning. The recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework 2005 focus on cultivating an appropriate understanding of sex-related issues with special emphasis on adolescent pregnancies, drug addiction, and adolescent adult education. A survey sponsored by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, was conducted by a non-governmental organization, Prayas in association with UNICEF. It has been shown that more than 53 percent of children in India sexually abuse children. In half of these cases, the perpetrators were found to be in a position of authority and responsible for the safety of the children. Most children did not report for fear of reprisal.

Based on data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a report released in 2013, the Asian Center for Human Rights (ACHR) revealed a total of 48,338 child rape cases between 2001 and 2011. Adult education has become a matter of debate. Many believe that such delicate issues should be left to the discretion of parents. Parents themselves feel ashamed to talk openly with their children in this regard. It is still prohibited to discuss sex in Indian society. It is believed that educating our children about sex can break the idea of ​​pre-existing humility and make our society morally isolated. But with the alarming increase in AIDS, unwanted / unplanned pregnancies and other sex-related diseases, it has become imperative that adult education is valued in schools and colleges.

Physical and mental changes in children begin with puberty. Sexual development begins long before this. Many children find it strange or difficult to deal with changes. They grow up with curiosity stamped on their minds. Therefore, providing adult education is very important. It makes the growing children aware of the various changes happening in their body and prepares them for responsible competence. The survey shows that on average, every urban student watches TV and YouTube for two or more hours daily. The explicit sex scenes shown on some foreign television channels are even more negative than their positive impact on vulgar scenes shown in Indian cinema, Internet pornography and pornographic video albums, etc.

Such scenes ‘sexually encourage young people, until, in the absence of true knowledge about sex, they make mistakes that include unwanted pregnancies, HIV-positive cases, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In India, 15 percent of HIV / AIDS patients are actually children under 15 years of age. Adult education can help people make informed choices about health and sexuality. Teaching children about sex in classrooms will make them feel a natural, normal and healthy part of life. If children and young people learn about sex in a scientific and purposeful way, they will be more careful before engaging in the same. At least they take precautions to avoid pregnancy and diseases. Due to lack of adult education, India and most Asian and African countries have a high incidence of HIV / AIDS victims.

In India, parents usually hide their love for each other in front of their children. Children believe that love is forbidden and it is indecent to publicly display one’s affection. Parents have to understand the mindset of their children. The gifts they show for their children should be shown to give, share and care for them, to behave like normal friends to each other. . In addition, parents should talk to their children more often to give them a sense of security in the family. This will encourage children to talk freely about their problems and parents will play a positive role in helping their children with any help from their campuses.

Conversations with your children’s friends can also help give insight into the small-mindedness. The incidence of physical abuse of children has increased, according to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), with more than 50 percent of children experiencing one or more types of sexual abuse. Children fall prey to predator advances that often become members of their family. They remain silent and with trauma throughout their lives. As far as sexual abuse in children is concerned, modern society is facing a big challenge. We now live in nuclear families, where both parents are working. The end result is that most of our children are sent to crutches unless there is sufficient family support as relatives or grandparents. It is now necessary to educate our young children with bad eyesight as soon as possible.

Once we as mothers or fathers understand that they should report unwanted progress at home, they will feel strong and happy that they will protect them and those they were ignorant of will not be punished. Sex education is provided for teenagers, can provide them with the tools to report and resist abusive behavior, and can provide them with a platform to express their fears and feelings honestly and openly . In a world that sees all forms of abuse, children are the most vulnerable ‘. They need to be taught not only to preserve and differentiate between good touch and bad touch, but to be educated about various forms of child abuse. needed. Many psychologists have argued that adult education has the potential to free us from socially organized sexual harassment.

Furthermore, it comes to terms with their sexual identity and orientation in adolescence and helps overcome feelings of guilt and shame. During the period of adolescence, one begins to see the world in a mature way and to develop one’s own opinion. Therefore, optimum help, guidance, and acceptance is necessary to protect adolescents from wandering. Several NGOs have offered training programs on AIDS and HIV awareness. They should be encouraged, and schools and colleges should collaborate with them to create greater awareness among growing children. School life is a complete part of every child’s development. Along with educational subjects, sex education should also be given. Trained teachers, psychologists and medical counselors should deal with the subject.

While imparting adult education, boys and girls should be divided into two groups (one boys and the other girls) and they should be taught separately. Lady teachers should teach girls and male teachers should teach boys. In this way, children will not feel embarrassed. They will clear their doubts and questions freely. Proper care must be taken to develop the content of the subject. These should be decided by experts, doctors and psychologists. This educational course introduces higher-time adult education. Sex education in schools will help dispel many myths prevalent among school children. This will promote liberal thinking among the youth and ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle.

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