Essay on Horse in English

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200 Words – Essay on Horse for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The horse is a pet animal and runs very fast. 300 horse breeds are found all over the world, of which the Arabic race horses are the best and are used by horse riding and soldiers. The average age of horses is 25 years. Like human nails, their feet have large nails. Their feet are such that they can sleep while standing. Most horses die of abdominal pain. Horse horses are prepared by decorating them in weddings or other ceremonies. Polo games are played by sitting on a horse.

The horse’s eyes are on the head in such a way that it can also be seen at 360 degree angle. The use of the horse has been reduced by the soldiers. It is now used only to draw legs. Horses mostly run at a speed of 40 to 48 kilometers per hour. Horses only breathe through the nose. Horses are found in white black and brown. Horses can also make long jumps. Horses start walking well after some time. Equestrian horses travel in business and also have their own passport.

250 Words – Essay on Horse for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Horse is a useful animal. It is a good friend of man. It is smart and can do a lot of work. It is honestly presented to its owner. It can dance and jump. The horse has large eyes. It uses its long tail to drive away flies. It has long, strong legs. It can run long distances. Some horses can run fast. Some can pull heavy loads. In the old days, horses were used to carry people and objects from place to place.

The horse is a great friend of man. The man’s love for the horse is famous. Arabian horses are famous. Horses live mainly on grass. It likes the village. An adult male horse is called a ‘stallion’, female, and ‘mare. ‘A male baby horse is called a foal. A female baby boy is called a colt.

Horses are found in almost all countries of the world. It is seen in various colors- red, black, white, brown or combinations of colors. Australian horses are very large, while in Burma the horse is small in size. Arabian horses are famous for their beauty and obedience. There is also a small horse known as ‘Pony’. The horse lives on grass, straw, gram and leaves of trees.

The horse is a very useful and loyal domestic animal. It is used to drive men and loads. In those days, when transport facilities were limited, horses were used as vehicles for long journeys. Horse is intelligent animal. It can be trained in many ways. It is also used in war, circus, running, drawing cart and in the field of farming.


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