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150 Words – Essay on Good Manners for Kids and Students in Very Easy Words

Etiquette is made up of two words courtesy and ethos which means high conduct. Honoring others without any selfishness is called courtesy. Inside etiquette comes good habits like respecting the elders, loving the little ones, staying in discipline, keeping time, helping people. On the basis of courtesy, man is able to establish an identity in society and people respect him.

Manners are taught to us since childhood. First of all, at home, our parents teach us good habits that develop in school.

We are on the path of love and goodness. Manners help us to become great men and with their help we can make enemies even friends. It teaches us hospitality and rules. It helps to make our personality a person of character. Humility is also a symptom of courtesy. We should all adopt good habits in our life and make our conduct higher and holier. We should talk together in the sweetest voice and live together with everyone.

350 Words – Essay on Good Manners for Kids and Students in Very Easy Words

Good behavior is the mark of a gentleman, a true gentleman will never hurt the feelings of others. His language is not harsh. He speaks very politely with others. He shows proper respect to his superiors, loves his juniors.

Good behavior is not given but learned by a person. They are the result of good training. If a child is not trained to behave courteously, he will become rude and rude. Good behavior makes a person beloved of others

A selfish and rude person cannot behave well. A person who always wants to live in his own way is never liked by others. Courtesy is the main attraction in a good person. It is generally seen that a good-natured person is his enemies. Wins the heart too. Generally polite, gentle and carefree individuals gain popularity and achieve success in life.

These days are the days of competition. An idiot shopper or service provider is not liked by the customer or customers. Good manners spread the scent in the air and win friends over. There is nothing to be polite in it. To feel the pulse of time you just have to be wise and intelligent. Anger is the damned enemy of love and popularity. So let’s spread love and good behavior in the world which was greatly damaged by war and hatred.

Manners make a man. He should be seen in every round of life. At home we should respect our elders and love our little ones. We should work closely with each other in domestic work. We should entertain our visiting guests.

In school we should respect our teachers. We should not do mischief in class. We must maintain discipline. We should be helpful to those students who are weak. We should be equally equal to all.

If we are in a company, we should talk less and listen more. We should not hurt the feelings of others, whenever someone does us a favor, we should use the word “please” and “thank you” should not give good behavior to anything but winning everything.

700 Words – Essay on Good Manners for Kids and Students in Very Easy Words

It is a courtesy for one person to behave well towards another person. A person has good qualities. If a person does anything with etiquette, he definitely achieves success in life. A person starts from his home. His parents first make him know the courtesy. I recommend him to treat others well

After this, a person meets his Guru. The Guru makes his disciples know the etiquette even better; they understand the right and wrong that if a guest comes to our house then how should we treat him? We should come happy and greet them wholeheartedly, this is our courtesy.

Let us see that the person who makes a relation with others with courtesy, if he comes in any kind of trouble, then many people come forward to help him, but in those who do not have any manners, there is no meaning to us, The elderly should be respected, we should respect the mothers and sisters, as if we are going on a bus or train and if an elderly person sees us standing then we should F we own him sit up from his seat These are our manners.

If a person is suffering from any kind of pain and if we help him to take him to the hospital for treatment, then these are good manners. Identification of a right person is a lot of changes in today’s world. There are many people in the world who neither pay respect to their elders nor their Guru’s mother and sisters look at the religion by respecting the courtesies. They do the opposite and do nothing by ruining their priceless lives.

There are some people who despise the guests at home. This is contrary to our rites. We should adopt etiquette. In the past, we often heard that a person believed his elder elders at all costs. He never let the guest who came to the gate empty-handed, he always obeyed his words. This is a sign of courtesy but in today’s era, many Some have changed. There are many people who adopt etiquette, but there are also many people who do not adopt etiquette at all. They are the opposite of this, they have to face many problems in their lives.

In life, we should always understand what our children in our family do as we do. If we do well, treat someone with good manners, then our children also behave better than us or our elders or anyone else. Will make it, but if we are also wrong and do not adopt manners, then it is good if we do not expect from our children but humans themselves will not In that wants to convert others to change it is not at all correct.

In our country, the Guru was the most respected and every command was followed, but nowadays it is seen that people do not even talk to the Guru properly with courtesy, it is against our culture, against our manners It is the opposite, we are going to darken our future, because it is not right for our country, for our society, to have courtesy in every relationship in the family. Ahia friends should manners of behavior and brother must be corruption in relation to the sisters that we take etiquette sure you and others also suggest that adoption is arguably the development of our country, our society.

Nowadays we see that in many families, relationships deteriorate, families get shattered, families do not treat their elders with courtesy due to which single families are formed and families have to face a lot of problems. Is because he does not fully adopt etiquette in his life. Soon one can get out of these troubles and be successful in life.

If you talk lovingly with your family to your community members with courtesy, then of course if you get in trouble, everyone can come forward to help you, but if you are contrary to virtue and do not adopt it No one will come to help you, so we should always adopt cheap 4 and keep moving forward in life.

800 Words – Essay on Good Manners for Kids and Students in Very Easy Words

Manners represent a person’s way of behaving towards others. Manners distinguish man from animals. A person can be called a human without any manners. Good behavior means polite social behavior. They play an important role in their lives. Good behavior is a means of developing social relations.

They help a person to make good friends. They build one’s reputation because one is big. A person’s social status is judged by their manners. Polished and polite manners create a healthy effect on society. Learning good behavior should start early in life. Good behavior usually comes from parents.

It is essential that parents themselves are well regarded as children learn from following their elders. However, parents should also teach their children manners. Some parents meet their children’s demands and fail to ensure that they are not malicious. As children lack in vain. Later, parents regret their negligence but the damage was already done.

It is commonly seen that parents advise their children to speak and behave humbly, but they do not do what they preach to themselves. It adversely affects children and they are also ignoring the advice of their parents. Therefore, it is necessary that parents guide their children well and behave exemplarily for the sake of their children. Good behavior requires farming.

Children with good manners are liked by all, while unaccompanied children are humiliated for the family. Children learn well from their teachers, elders, good friends and others. All round development of a child is possible when it is prepared with good behavior. Good schools place great emphasis on cultivating good behavior among their students. Children can learn a lot from good schools and good partners. Good practices are the backbone of society, they are essential for social life and personal peace and comfort. The notoriety of good behavior reduces hostility and ensures social harmony.

Well-regarded people are respected and appreciated everywhere. A lowly dressed person may not necessarily be treated well and therefore may not be liked by other people. A man without manners remains barbaric because he is far from culture and civilization. Therefore, it is very necessary to have good behavior. Courtesy and humility are the keys to good behavior.

Words and phrases like ‘Forgive me’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sir’, ‘Madam’, ‘I am sorry’, etc. They create a positive impression and feeling of respect in the minds of others. If they are spoken at the right time in a soft voice and polite tone, they work wonders Even if something negative can be said, it should be said that it does not hurt the feelings of the other person. One should respond positively even in a negative situation one should be tolerant. The opinions of others should not be voiced in anger or hatred.

One must learn to disagree with grace. Good habits demand respect for other people’s feelings and opinions. No one should be criticized or criticized for a different point of view on a particular subject. Discussions on controversial or sensitive issues go somewhere. To avoid getting involved in such discussions today, we find that the deviant is behaving well facing the threat of extinction.

They show no manners to others. There are some people who cannot part with their cellphones, showing indifference to people as well as public rules or courtesy, no matter where they are. They are always in their phone-calls, ignoring the place and the people around them. To address everyone by their first name is not revived as good behavior, despite the new instinct, age, and status.

People have become insensitive to the feelings and needs of others. Some passengers in trains or buses are less disturbed for the comfort of others. Such people need to maintain minimal courtesy and avoid violating others’ place. is needed. Rude and abusive behavior is very common in public gymnasium libraries, cyber cafes, food shops, etc. People should take care of the inconvenience caused by other people at all times.

One should be mindful of the elderly, women, the sick and the disabled and always provide them a seat while traveling in a bus or train. An old or blind person should always help them cross the road while riding a vehicle, one should not unnecessarily blow the horn. One should not ridicule someone with a disability if one talks, one should listen too. It is a sign of bad habit if someone is talking and does not listen to what others have to say. As long as they are speaking no one should be interrupted. One should avoid using a puppet in their language. One should not spit where one is sitting or standing. The mouth should be covered with a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing. One should cultivate good civic sense and should not litter any public place.

Litter should only be thrown in the bin. Good behavior enriches personality and enhances a person’s appeal. A well-off migrant is liked by everyone. Good behavior increases his value and makes him a precious human being. is. Good manners cannot be borrowed, but can be cultivated.

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