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100 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Global warming is a major atmospheric issue worldwide. Our Earth’s surface is getting warmer day by day by trapping the sun’s heat and increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. It is increasing day by day with bad effects and causing major problems in human life. It has become one of the subject of major social issues, which requires social awareness at a great level. People should know its meaning, cause, effect and solution to solve it immediately. People should try to solve this by coming together and saving lives on earth.

200 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Global warming is a steady process of a steady increase in the level of Earth temperature. Global warming has now become one of the world’s biggest problems. It is believed that the increase in the level of carbon dioxide gas and other greenhouse gases on Earth is the main reason for warming the Earth’s atmosphere. If it was not immediately noticed and resolved by the efforts of all countries around the world, its effects would intensify and the end of life on Earth would one day be.

Its dangerous effects are increasing day by day and pose a threat to human life. Global warming is the major and sole cause of sea level rise, changes in weather patterns, hurricanes, cyclones, epidemiological diseases, food shortages, deaths, etc. Social awareness. People need to be aware of its meaning, causes, bad effects, and other things about global warming so that it can be eliminated from all over the world and make life chances on earth as usual.

People need to stop their bad habits, such as stop using oil, coal and gas, stop cutting plants (they are the main source for absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen), electricity. Reducing usage, etc. should be stopped. Just by making small changes in the lives of everyone around the world, we may be able to prevent huge negative changes in the environment by mitigating the effects of global warming and even taking a day off.

400 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Global warming is warming near the surface of the Earth which results in the Earth getting warmer when the Earth’s atmosphere visits the Sun’s heat. The changes are small, so far, but they are expected to grow and speed up. Within the next fifty to one hundred years, the Earth may be warmer than it has been in the past million years. Oceans warm and glaciers melt, lands and cities along the beaches can be flooded. Heat and drought can cause forests to die and crop crops to fail. Global warming will affect people everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, plants and animals; Humans are heating the Earth’s atmosphere by burning fuel, cutting down forests and participating in other activities that release some heat trapping gases into the air.

A major cause of global warming is the use of fossil fuels, fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas formed from the remains of plants deposited during the Earth’s carbonfire period. We have only known for a few thousand years that coal, oil and natural gas can be burned to provide energy.

It was not until the mid-1800s, however, that the worldwide consumption of fossil fuels that we started burning huge amounts of these fossil fuels has increased dramatically. Now at least five billion tons of fossil fuels are burned every year in the world. As this carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, some of these are taken up by photosynthetic plants, and the oceans absorb some.

But because we are burning a lot of fossil fuels at such a rapid rate, we are putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than these natural processes. Now the amount of carbon dioxide is being added to the air and the amount of carbon dioxide is being extracted. As a result, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is continuously increasing. Rising sea levels are also an issue that floods coastal areas, rendering people homeless and eventually creating less land around the world for a growing mankind. When the weather goes on like a hurricane caused by global warming in extreme climates, it causes billions of dollars worth of damage, destroying communities, and killing innocent people. Warmer weather is likely to cause more storms.

700 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The increase in the temperature of our global part is called global warming. Nowadays the problem of global warming is constantly increasing in our environment, we are the biggest responsible for increasing this problem. The amount of oxygen on our earth should be higher but carbon dioxide The quantity of water is constantly increasing, due to which the ozone layer is becoming porous and the harmful rays coming from the sun Only reaches our earth and through increased temperature causes problems such as global warming, let us know due to global warming

Due to global warming

The biggest reason for global warming is the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide. Pollution in our environment is failing rapidly whether it is water pollution or air pollution. The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing due to the rapid spread of pollution and global warming. Is always increasing.

The second reason for global warming is that we are constantly harvesting tree plants. Today, if we see the number of trees is continuously decreasing, people are settling in the cities than in the village because people are dependent on agriculture as before. People do not want to live. People come to cities and want to do something different in their lives, due to which, cities are being developed by harvesting trees and plants, and because of this global war The problem of Ming is constantly increasing.

Continuous destruction of the ozone layer is harmful for us, the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays coming from the sun, but due to pollution of the atmosphere, the ozone layer has penetrated and harmful rays from the sun would have come directly to our earth. And problems like global warming arise.

Urbanization and New Industrial Activities

Another reason for global warming is that urbanization is constantly happening and the environment is being polluted by harmful gases emanating from various factories and damaging the ozone layer, causing our environment and many problems to us. And the problem of global warming arises. Weather changes are also seen due to global warming. Sometimes heat It is extremely hot in the weather and less cold even in the cold season, various problems of this kind of weather arise in front of us.

Dangers or side effects of global warming

We see many effects of global warming, due to which there are many dangers.

Our environment cycle is affected due to the heat. There is some extreme heat in the summer season and it does not get cold or less in the cold season without the rainy season and sometimes drought and the plight of crops. Apart from this, we do not get pure oxygen, due to which we have to face many problems.

We get upset by going round the doctors and a lot of money is spent on us and animals also have the effect of global warming on the birds, due to the heat they start going elsewhere and some end up endangering their lives. We also use fan, cooler, freeze etc. more due to heat, due to which the use of light is more and harmful gases from appliances like freeze. Iklti problems of global warming such incidents and even faster fall in front of us.

Sometimes such a problem takes such a severe form that there is a severe storm, flood, etc. and there is loss of public money. We should always try to avoid such danger or effect of global warming and We should try to remove this danger by adopting many activities around us.

Measures to avoid global warming-

We need to take many measures to avoid problems like global warming. We should plant trees around us so that the problem of global warming can be eradicated to some extent. We should use electricity powered equipment to a minimum or Should be used only when needed.

We should use home appliances more. Nowadays, if we see more people use two-wheelers very much, due to which harmful gases are found in the environment and many problems arise, we should reduce the use of these vehicles, apart from this every person should understand that global Problems like warming arise because of us, we should try to eliminate these problems ourselves. Should plant so that we can to some extent eliminate the problem of global warming.

800 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s temperature, especially due to climate change that is sufficiently constant. Since 1900, the average head temperature in the world has increased by more than a degree, and since 1970 the pace of summer has averaged nearly three times that of a century.

This increase in the Earth’s average temperature is called global warming. All experts who have studied the Earth’s climate record, more or less, are of the view that the distribution of greenhouse gases from human actions, mainly smokestacks, vehicles, and burning forests is likely. The main forces driving fashion. The gases engage in the planet’s normal greenhouse effect, allowing sunlight, but preventing some of the incoming heat from burning back into space.

What i s global warming

Based on previous climate change, notes on current conditions and studies of computer simulations, many climate scientists say that the lack of large restrictions in greenhouse gas discharge, temperatures can rise 4 to 9 degrees in the 21st century, climate patterns in holes. Have to fall, ice sheets contract and the sea rises several feet.

With the possible relaxation of another world war, a large asteroid, a deadly plague, or global warming may be the worst threats to our planet Earth.

Due to global warming

The major cause of global warming is the release of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc. in the atmosphere. The major source of carbon dioxide is power plants. These power plants emit large amounts of carbon dioxide resulting from the burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of power generation. Twenty percent of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere comes from burning gasoline in vehicle engines. Buildings represent a greater source of global warming pollution than both commercial and residential cars and trucks.

Too much fuel is burned to build these structures that emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Methane is derived from resources such as rice paddies, bovine flowers, bacterial bogs and fossil fuel manufacturing. The main sources of nitrous oxide include nylon and nitric acid production, cars with catalytic converters, and the use of fertilizers in agriculture and the burning of organic materials.

Another cause of global warming is deforestation caused by cutting and burning of forests for the purpose of habitat and industrialization. The ill effects of global warming and scientists around the world have predicted some events that have occurred in the last few decades as an alarm of global warming. The effect of global warming is increasing the average temperature of the earth.

Increasing Earth’s temperature can lead to other changes in the ecology, including rising sea levels and modifying the amount and pattern of rain. These modifications may promote the occurrence and concentration of severe weather events, such as floods, accidents, heat waves, tornadoes and toweasters.

Other results may include high or low agricultural production, glacier melting, low heat flux flow, genus extinction and an increase in categories of disease vectors. As an effect of global warming, many species of birds and animals have already become extinct. Various new diseases have recently arisen as an effect of global warming.

It is expected that many species will die or go extinct due to an increase in water temperature, while other different species, which prefer warmer water, will grow much. Perhaps the most disturbing changes occur in coral reefs are global warming. To die as an effect of | Global warming is likely to cause irreversible changes in ecosystem and animal behavior. Birds are a species that will be affected by changes in climate. Birds may find more permanent homes in northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere as a result of global warming.

Scientists have told us that the tundra is in danger of melting due to the amount of excess global warming pollution that equals the amount of net that is previously in the Earth / atmosphere. Similarly, another team of first scientists reported that 32 glacial earthquakes between 4.6 and 5.1 were observed in Greenland in a year. This is a disturbing sign and suggests that a huge instability that may now be in progress progressed within the second largest increase of ice on the planet. This ice would be enough to raise sea level 20 feet worldwide if it broke and slipped into the sea

Every day a new proof of passing has been brought out that we are now in the face of a global emergency, a climate emergency that is urgently needed.


1300 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

What is global temperature? Global warming is that the average temperature of the earth has been increasing since 1950 as long as the temperature is continuously increasing. Global warming also refers to climate change which causes an increase in the average of temperature. However global warming is caused by natural events and humans which are believed to contribute to an increase in average temperature.

Due to global warming

Global warming is a serious issue and is not a single issue, but there are many environmental issues. Global warming is an increase in the Earth’s surface temperature that has changed various life forms on Earth. Issues caused by global warming are divided into two categories, including the “natural” and “human impacts” of global warming.

Natural causes of global warming

The climate is constantly changing for centuries. Global warming occurs because the natural rotation of the sun changes the intensity of sunlight and increases closer to the Earth.

Another cause of global warming is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases contain carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that trap solar sublimation rays and prevent it from escaping to the Earth’s surface. This is increasing the temperature of the Earth.

Volcanic eruptions are another issue that causes global warming. For example, a volcanic eruption would release a quantity of carbon dioxide and ash to the atmosphere. Once carbon dioxide rises, the Earth’s temperature rises and the greenhouse traps solar radiation in the Earth.

Finally, methane is another issue that causes global warming. Methane is also a greenhouse gas. Methane is more effective in capturing heat in the atmosphere which is up to 20 times carbon dioxide. Methane gas can usually be released from many fields. For example, this may be from animal, landfill, natural gas, petroleum systems, coal mining, mobile explosions or industrial waste processes.

Human impact on global warming

Human impact has now been a very serious issue because humans do not take care of the Earth. Human beings are more than natural causes due to global warming. Earth has been changing for many years till now it is still changing due to human lifestyle. Human activities include burning industrial production, fossil fuels, mining, animal husbandry or deforestation.

The first issue is the industrial revolution is using fossil fuels for industrial power machines. Everything we use is involved in fossil fuels. For example, when we buy a mobile phone, the process of making a mobile phone involves machines and machines, the process of releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. During, uses fossil fuels. In addition to industrial, transportation such as cars is releasing carbon dioxide from the exhaust.

Another issue is mining. During the mining process, methane will trap under the earth. In addition, methane will also be the reason for cattle rearing, as animals release the form of manure. However, cattle is important because it makes them equally responsible for the occurrence of global warming later.

The next most common problem that is deforestation is deforestation is a human effect because humans are cutting down trees to build trees, wood, houses, or more. If humans are deforestation continuously, carbon dioxide will concentrate in the atmosphere because trees can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In addition, humans also release carbon dioxide when inhaled. Therefore, the breath of millions of people release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If humans continue deforestation, then human breathing that releases carbon dioxide will have to remain in the atmosphere.

Effects of global warming

Greenhouse gases will remain in the atmosphere for many years, hundreds of years ago. However, the impact of global warming on Earth will be very serious. If global warming continues in the future there will be many effects. This includes melting polar ice caps, economic consequences, hot water and the spread of more storms, diseases and earthquakes.

The first effect is melting polar ice caps. Due to the rise in temperature, the ice in the North Pole will melt. Once the melting glaciers become oceans, the ice water melts, as the first effect will rise at sea level. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center “if the ice melted, the sea would rise about 230 feet”. It affects many low-lying areas like the Netherlands. In the future, the Netherlands will be covered by water after the North Pole melts. However, this is not going to happen fast, but sea levels will continue to rise.

Another effect is loss of habitat of the species. Species that include polar bears and tropical frogs will be extinct due to climate change. In addition, various birds will migrate to other places because animals are not like humans. They cannot adapt their life or habitat changing temperatures.

The next effect will be more storms and the economic consequences will still be affected. Hurricanes cause damage to homes and the government needs to spend billions of dollars in damage and places where people are killed or killed. Many people die and diseases occur once disaster strikes. Diseases are more serious because it can spread very quickly to other people and more people will get the disease and the disease may be more severe probably due to different seasons.

Solution to stop global warming

Now there are solutions that we can prevent global warming. However we humans and governments need to move forward to implement global warming solutions. To reduce global warming, we can do to reduce the contribution of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Therefore, we are reducing petrol, electricity and our activities with solutions that reduce global warming that cause global warming.

To reduce gasoline means that we have the option to choose a hybrid car that reduces gasoline use. In addition, petrol prices are rising. If a person works every day, they need to pump petrol after 3 days and make carbon dioxide. Another way to reduce gasoline is to take public transportation or carpool to work. It reduces carbon dioxide. And can help save costs.

The second way to reduce global warming is to recycle. Recycle can reduce waste by reusing plastic bags, bottles, papers or glass. For example, when we buy food items, we can use our own containers instead of plastic bags. After drinking water from the bottle is another example; We can reuse it or use our bottle if all of it is being used again, can reduce human deforestation and help save the environment. Also, turn off electricity if unused. It can save thousands of carbon dioxide and buy the product which saves energy as it saves costs and saves the environment.

Finally, humans should prevent open burning such as burning dry leaves or burning waste. Burning garbage with plastic will release carbon dioxide and toxins. In addition, the government should reduce deforestation as the temperature of the earth is increasing. Trees will help improve the temperature on Earth.

The conclusion

Overall, I understand that our earth is “sick”. We need humans to “heal” the earth. Global warming has caused many problems for humans, but we who are global warming are sick or Many people have died due to the disaster. It also affects the economics of the country. However, we must reduce global warming by using less gasoline, recycle, and help humans reduce global warming rather than increase the temperature of the Earth. Our generation should start taking care of the earth because in the next generation they will suffer if we do not reduce global warming.

Therefore, global warming is now a serious issue. As a business student we are learning this because we need to understand the impact of climate change that will affect us when we have businesses and we can start to save the earth.


1400 Words – Essay on Global Warming for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The term ‘global warming’ refers to the average increase in the Earth’s temperature, which causes a change in climate. Warming takes place because the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly due to human activities. Greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere covering them like a blanket, ‘trapping heat waves emanating from the earth’. These heat waves return to the air, land and sea, changing weather patterns.

The most prevalent greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Other atmospheric gases such as oxygen and nitrogen do not have this effect. Carbon dioxide and methane are released into the atmosphere when solid waste, fossil fuels, plastics, wood, and wood products are burned. Levels of these gases increase in human activity, which can cause serious problems. The Earth goes through hot and cold phase, but the rise in carbon dioxide levels in the last 200 years is due to industrialization. Since the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 40 percent.

Information about Global Warming

Eleven of the last 12 years rank the 12 hottest years since 1850. Some cities in the United States have recorded the warmest summer in 2014, a report released by the World Meteorological Organization on July 3, 2014, states that heat deaths have increased by more than 2000 percent over the past decade. . Polar ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctica region, melting ice sheets and glaciers in Greenland, North America, South America, Europe and Asia is expected to raise sea levels.

The sea level is expected to rise between 18 and 59 centimeters by the end of the century, and may add between 10 and 20 centimeters if ice melts continue on the pillar. Arctic sea ice has decreased. In the year 2012, the smallest amount of ice cover was recorded. Now more than 25 acres of glaciers are found in Montana’s glaciers. Researcher Bill Fraser noted the decline of adilly penguins, foxes and alpine plants as they moved north or higher into cooler areas. The ecosystem has changed significantly. Scientists claim that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the highest in 650,000 years.

Consumption of fossil fuels (petrol, diesel, coats) has increased significantly worldwide. The world burns at least five billion tons of fossil fuels every year. Deforestation has reduced the absorption of carbon dioxide by trees. The high amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not only due to high current emissions, but also due to accumulated emissions in the past. The developed world houses 15% of the world’s population, emitting 45% of greenhouse gases. For example, the US emits about 20 tons of carbon dioxide per capita — 25 times more than India’s 0.8 tons.

Scientists say that to avoid a catastrophe, global warming should not be limited to 2 ° C above pre-industrial levels. The rise in sea level is a major cause for concern. A large number of cities located in coastal areas such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Tokyo, New York, London, Sau Paulo and island nations such as the Maldives can be submerged. There may be acute shortage of fresh water, if the Quelcaya ice cap in Peru is melting at the current rate. It will last until 2100, leaving thousands of people who rely on it for drinking water and electricity helplessness. In 2014, the World Meteorological Organization reported that global average sea level rises by 12 inches (3 millimeters) worldwide. Global warming poses a major threat to the flora and fauna of the Earth.

A large number of species can become extinct. About 20 to 30 percent of all species so far can be evaluated when global average warming exceeds 1.5 ° C to 2.5 ° C. Desert expansions and rising temperatures can add to the intensity and frequency of slow storms. Floods and droughts may be more common. Snow and rain have already increased worldwide. All this will drastically affect the quality of agricultural land, ultimately causing adverse effects on agricultural production. In addition, climate change continues to pose a significant threat to public health – this is because of the poor and developing countries.

Studies have shown that global warming is affecting the geographical distribution and incidence of diseases, especially those infected by mosquitoes, such as malaria and dengue. The growing concern over rising global temperatures has led countries to take action to avoid the situation. Has drawn up the plan of.

The United Nations 167 Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), adopted by various countries of the world, called the Conference Party (COP), was adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1962. It was a treaty signed by 192 countries. It did not set any binding targets for countries to reduce emissions, but only called for stabilizing carbon emissions. The COP or conference, consisting of 196 nations, has met annually since 1995, and progress has been reviewed. A protocol was adopted on 11 December 1997 in Kyoto (Japan).

Under this protocol, 39 industrialized countries committed themselves to reduce their emissions by 2012 by 5.2% of 1990 levels. The Copenhagen Summit 2009 was the first global agreement of the 21st century to control global warming – the biggest challenge to humanity. The 192 member states of the United Nations signed the Goal and Deadline establishing a legally binding agreement for the management of greenhouse gases emissions. But a comprehensive agreement was not possible. The developed world wanted a new treaty, with fewer responsibilities.

Emerging economies, on the other hand, saw all these as basic principles. World leaders of 193 countries signed a new global climate system, called the Cancun Agreement, on 11 December 2010. After a week of heated talks between the talks, the leaders began to run climate talks in Cancun. The negotiators, as their work required, were stuck in their respective positions as the end result of the Cancun Agreement, instead politicians were looking for a compromise face-saver and not a permanent resolution to the problem. The US wanted a slow start. It did not want to compare to other rich countries and said it would claim a lower target for 2020 that it is only embarking on the path of having a green economy and cannot initiate deep emission cuts. .

It was also demanded that other emerging economies like India and China should also take strong action as their emissions would otherwise increase in future. The Kyoto Protocol on Reducing Greenhouse Gases expired in 2012, but was extended to the Doha Summit, 2012 to 2020. The Climate Conference in Warsaw (2013) and Lima (2014) set out that all countries put forward their proposed emission reductions, aiming for a 2015 agreement to “slow down global warming in the first nationally determined contribution” of the Paris Conference A landmark climate agreement was signed with the aim of ending a “historic” measure with important players like India, US and China The draft has been approved to prevent the destruction of the planet.

The Paris agreement would force the world warming to keep world warming “well below” two degrees Celsius, with an effort to limit it to 1.5 degrees, the level scientists say is the worst of global warming It is necessary to reverse the effects. The agreement also earned Nihon $ 100 a year from 2020 to help developing countries cope with the problem. In addition, it will bond to 168 nations to open their books every five years to investigate on their contribution to the global effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

As humanity strives to achieve a better standard of living for all, there are reasons for fuel consumption, industrial production and other such activities such as emissions. Therefore, in the current technological and political environment, economic growth means higher emissions. Conversely, emission reductions will mean less growth. This problem raises controversy as to who cuts emissions, and by how much? We can help prevent global warming in many ways. There are various ways of efficient use of energy, plantation of trees, adopting a clean approach to the environment to help prevent global warming.

The modern environmental movement began by fighting against polluting factories, power plants, oil spills, sewage and toxic dumps. Every person should be aware of the importance of protecting the environment. With effective cooperation between citizens and government officials, we can slow down the effects of global warming.

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