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300 Words – Essay on Dowry System for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The dowry system has always been a part of Indian marriages since ancient times. The newly introduced couple introduced this system in previous years to ease the process of establishing a new family. However, in recent years, this tradition has deteriorated to such an extent that the very name congratulates images of oppression, torture and death. In fact, India is the only country in the world where dowry is the highest case of deaths.

Some marriages, with each exception, and only the father of a girl, may finalize the amount of dowry. This has made marriage with an emotional and excellent company more commercial contract. Today, instead of the good qualities of the family, it is weighed in the context of marriage, money, gold and other material things. A bride’s family hopes that she will acquire all the materials and monati things through an attractive marriage, which they would not be able to do throughout their lifetimes. Many people are raising their voice against this cruel behavior. It includes young men, women and other concerned people. Many voluntary organizations and related law enforcement agencies are working all the time to make all sections of the society aware of the feeling of wandering against this barbaric practice.

Yet the magnitude of this problem is so wide that, despite all the protests and negative publicity, the practice has spread very wide in this country. Therefore the number of dowry victims, mostly young girls, continues to increase. A study of dowry death patterns shows that both rural and urban areas have a fairly similar crime graph. As a result, the erosion of moral values ​​in urban centers is increasing rapidly. The government is trying to stem this rising tide of dowry deaths by creating a crime cell against women. Similarly various other social organizations have increased their campaign against such crimes. However, the only remedy that can ultimately stop this crime is to empower women, so that they can take initiative against such cruel behaviors. Secondly, society must make a conscious effort to root out this evil by the process of self-cleansing.

350 Words – Essay on Dowry System for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Dowry system is the biggest disease of Indian society. The sacred institution of marriage is reduced to a business transaction. Dowry is money and other things that parents give to their daughters at the time of their marriage. This is a very old custom. It is present in all sections of Indian society.In recent times it has become widespread and problematic for parents and girls. In the past, it was a voluntary proposal from the part of the bride’s parents, but now it has become mandatory. .

Now it is a necessary evil. This system has reduced the dignity of women. It shows that men are inferior to men. Poor parents charge huge sums of money at high rates of interest for giving dowry. Thus, it puts the girl’s father in a vulnerable position psychologically and financially, and the economy of the girl’s family is shattered for a long period. Some girls commit suicide because their parents cannot give them dowry. Some force their daughter to bring money even after marriage.

Many girls get put in a lot of trouble and some of them do not end their life long after marriage. The example of harassment and murder of girls by her husband’s relatives is simply because she has not brought the promised dowry. This system creates a rift between the families of wife and husband or boy and girl. This can lead to divorce or dowry death, it is a shame for our society. The dowry system has made women’s lives a pain.

This inhuman practice should end at the earliest. Now there is a great demand by the people that this evil system of dowry should be abolished completely. The educated youth of the country should be aware of this evil and they should come forward to fight this evil. The government has taken several steps to end this system. Law alone cannot produce any desirable result. The society should cooperate with the government to end this curse. A strong propaganda against this evil should be launched by all responsible persons in the society. Then only the black mark can be removed on the bright face of our country.


500 Words – Essay on Dowry System for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Indian woman and dowry Since the practice of dowry has been prevalent in Indian society, it has been essentially associated with the Indian woman. On the occasion of marriage in ancient times, the parents of the girl used to give jewelry, clothes and many items of daily use to the groom’s side as a dowry. There was also a practice of giving dowry items in the form of gifts from the girl’s friends and family relatives. In ancient times there was no coercion for dowry. But as time changed, accordingly dowry became an essential condition for the marriage of a girl. Quality girls also remained unmarried due to non-fulfillment of dowry demand.

Girls began to be considered a burden on the family. Not only this, when the girl was born, there was sadness in the family. Even female slaughter became prevalent in many areas of the country. Now, in order to avoid the fallacy of dowry, it is being discovered in the womb that the child is a boy or a girl. An abortion is performed when the girl is expected to be born. Thus, feticide is started. In ancient times, the dowry system, symbolizing the love and happiness of the parents, became a curse for the Indian woman along with the parents by the time of modern era. Women began to be evaluated on the basis of dowry. Due to bringing down the dowry, the woman has to face two or four situations due to many humiliating situations. They have been subjected to many types of physical, mental torture. Due to this, the life of Indian woman has gone through hell.

Often daily newspapers get news of burning of some woman due to dowry. Dowry has become a curse for the Indian woman. Do not know when, where dowry may pose a threat to the life of a woman. Even after ten-ten years of marriage, incidents of beating, beating, mutilating for dowry continue to occur. Today, compared to the superiority, modesty, beauty and qualities of a woman in the society, her parents’ wealth is being judged. The ugliness of the girl, all the demerits are also not reflected in the glow of dowry. On the one hand, the Indian woman is physically weak, on the other, there is a feeling in the Indian society to consider the husband as God – this is why the husband tortures her whatever way she wants. The Indian woman tolerates everything silently without protesting. When stamina runs out she embraces the nausea. The lives of many promising young women are being destroyed due to the dowry demon.

The Indian woman and the society, anti-women like dowry and the malicious practice of society, should reveal the perverted form of it to everyone by running a mass movement. Women institutions, society holders, religious and politician should also oppose it. Women should refuse to marry dowry hypocrites. Along with this, dowry greed should be publicly tortured in the society. They should be socially boycotted. The mother of boys is also an Indian woman. Therefore, he should strongly oppose the giving of dowry on the marriage of his son and the marriage of his daughter. To get rid of dowry, the Indian woman has to come out of the shell of so-called social dignity and adopt pragmatism.

800 Words – Essay on Dowry System for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

In ancient times, whenever a parent used to marry his girl, he used to give some dowry to the girl as well as the boy had the right to ask for anything of his own free will. People are giving dowry and taking dowry even in today’s era, I have often seen that the girls often ask the boys what they want, or the boys with the girls. It fulfills some of its demands as dowry. It is very wrong. In today’s era, as soon as we see that people are afraid to have a girl today, friends are seen, then the biggest reason is that people think that if a girl will be born. So he will have to give dowry, friends. In today’s society, this is a revolution which is spoiling people’s thinking day by day.

We all need to change this thinking, we all need to take an initiative and we need to take away the evil practice like dowry system and establish such a society that whenever a girl is in a house If born, the parents should not be sad at their birth, the parents should be very happy at its birth.

We all need to understand a lot of things. First of all, we all should understand that if we give something to a girl and for this reason only boys marry our girl then somewhere in front of the boys We can see the meaning of humanity, it does not show any quality in the name of humanity, it is useless to marry such people and the second thing is that if a person asks for dowry from the girl It is found out that he is not a human being because a person who cannot earn himself, a person who depends on others, a human being can never do anything in life, we should get something from our hard work and whatever we should do we can do with our hard work Don’t ask for dowry from others.

Friends, the dowry system is increasing rapidly in our country these days, some people are those who think many things in taking and giving dowry, some people give dowry because they think that if people of our society will see then they will say He did not give anything to his girl, just with this thinking, he gives dowry to people, even if they do not have money, they send their girl off with dowry and others And boys are the ones who ask for dowry because they think that if the front does not give us the dowry, then there will be no value in our society, the people of society will tell us that you did not get some dowry, it means that Useless thinking This useless thinking leads people to dowry system in life. I believe that we should neither give dowry to anyone nor should we ask for dowry.

We all should oppose the dowry system and become a good person.

I believe that when the girl goes to the boy’s house, giving dowry to the girl child should not be disturbed because a person with a girl produces his girl. This means that the person in front gives us something of his girl. We give and in return some money in the form of dowry, we should respect it a lot but nowadays people become greedy in dowry system that they are getting married They are not satisfied with the low amount of money they are getting, after marriage, their daughters-in-law start harassing their wives and harass them, they ask them to bring more money, their greed for dowry fell from the image of a human being in their life. And that poor girl starts treating the girl like animals or demons, all of us friends, we should strongly oppose this dowry without being tempted. Micro dowry should be removed from the society as a whole as long as dowry will then no parents girl will womb to be born would rather hurt him why was the girl in my house.

The dowry system is a very bad practice, it is going on very fast even in the new model nowadays, it should be pulled out of our society as soon as we have seen that nowadays people very rarely want girls to be born slowly. Gradually, there is also a shortage of girls in our society and the main reason for this is the dowry system.

Friends, all of us should take a pledge from the heart that neither dowry will be taken nor will we give, because it takes greed in our life and when greed is born in the mind of a person, it is not a human being but becomes an animal hope. Have you liked this essay of ours?

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