Long & Short Essay on Dog in English – Relationship, Qualities Origin, Appearance and Behavior

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Man-dog relationship is as old as civilization. Today the dog has become extremely common and is probably the only large carnivore domesticated by humans.


600 Words – Essay on Dog in English – Relationship, Qualities, Origin, Appearance and Behavior for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Dogs have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years for their integrity and other utility. He was the first to accompany tribal men in hunting expeditions. The human-dog relationship has evolved since then and today dogs are the most widely domesticated carnivore.


A dog has evolved from a brown wolf which is now extinct. The dog was the first species of any large carnivore that was domesticated by humans. Gray wolves were probably the first domesticated carnivores and their breeding led to dogs.

The genetic diversion between wolves and dogs probably occurred between 40,000 years to 20,000 years. This was probably a time of genetic diversion and actual domination occurred much later.

The first domination of dogs must have been about 15,000 years ago by nomadic hunting dogs. The place where dogs were previously dominated is likely to conflict with potential areas of Western Europe, East Asia and Central Asia.

Appearance and behavior

Dogs have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. They are so well adapted to human habitation that they cannot survive without humans. Dogs have adapted themselves well to a starchy diet similar to humans. Many genetic breeds of dogs have evolved today, each with its own physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics.

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes; From the smallest Chihuahua to the largest like a Great Dane or English Mastiff. Some are aggressive guard dogs while some are friendly family dogs. Some dogs like to live in isolation while some always want to stay in the family. As is the presence of different dogs, so is their behavior.

Visually intelligent, dogs differ substantially from each other. Some breeds of dogs have furry coats such as the Pomeranian, poodle, bearded porter, etc., while others have very short hair like Doberman.


The dog was one of the first species domesticated by humans. Artificial selection by humans has led to the development of various dog breeds that are found today. This probably happened some 200 years ago.

These breeds of dogs vary widely in terms of size, weight, and other parameters. A tea cup poodle can be as small as it can fit in a tea cup and weighs 0.4 kg. On the other hand, a giant mastiff can weigh up to 90 kg.

The colors of the breeds also vary from brown, black, golden brown, tan, light tan, dark red or chocolate, etc. as well as variation in coat.

Dog skills

The skills of dogs vary widely in different areas as to their appearance and behavior. Some such as border porter, Australian Shepherd are good for cattle, sheep and goats etc.

Breeds of dogs such as the Beagle, German Shepherd and Labrador are well known for odor detection capabilities and are used by police and other law enforcement agencies. Dogs such as Doberman and the Bull Mastiff are reared for their safety abilities and used as guard dogs.

Bite prohibition is another skill of dogs in which they have learned to moderate their bite power according to situation and need. This skill was very useful in using dogs as hunting companions, in which they do not kill prey, but rather capture it.

The conclusion

Dogs are the oldest domesticated companion of humans. A dog-man relationship has also evolved over thousands of years and today they are integral to each other. Dogs have become symptoms of human habitation, where there is a dog, there is a human habitation nearby.


400 Words – Essay on Dog in English – Relationship, Qualities for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

‘Dog is a man’s best friend’; We all have heard this saying since childhood. The phrase explicitly shares humans who share humans with dogs and vice versa. It also explains one of the strangest features of dogs – honesty.

Dog ability


Conscientiousness is the most important behavioral characteristics of dogs regardless of their breed and physical appearance. Every dog ​​is extremely honest to its owner and always protects its belongings or locality.

Come, a dog will not deceive its owner who provides food and companionship. Even street dogs that are regularly fed by a family develop a natural tendency to alarm the family against any undesirable intrusion into the home.


Dogs are found to be highly intelligent, sometimes on equal terms with humans. They also have this indomitable ability to detect a person’s mood by facial expressions or physical movements. They cleverly feel if a person is nervous, angry, sad or happy. This ability helps dogs distinguish between friends and threats. Due to their intelligence dogs herd cattle are used, so that they can pick up an odor, etc. They are able to solve a large number of problems on their own.


Courage is another important feature of a dog. Most dog breeds are found to stand against a formidable threat, and more, if it is a case to protect their owner. The courage of a dog knows no bounds if it is a matter of saving its owner or protecting its property. Hunting dogs are known to accompany their masters on hunting expeditions, who risk their own lives to protect their masters from other large carnivores.


Dogs are highly protective of their owner, the family in which they live or care for them. They have a natural tendency to protect the house against any danger or danger. This is why people domesticate dogs during odd times and leave them unattended on the premises. Some dog breeds are very protective for young children and are always attentive to a child or young child.

The conclusion

The properties of dogs have evolved due to thousands of years of coexistence with humans and also due to their genetic reproduction. Some specific breeds of dogs have a specific quality, for which they are domesticated. It is not for any reason that a dog is called a man’s best friend.


250 Words – Essay on Dog in English – Relationship, Qualities Origin, Appearance and Behavior for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Dogs have been domesticated by humans for nearly 12,000 years. Since then their mutual relationship has developed into a more friendly and dependent kind, in which both dogs and humans depend on each other for well-being and survival.

Man-dog relationship

The relationship of man and dog is more than 12,000 years old. It all started when the brown wolves domesticated the hunter’s pet. Dogs evolved from brown wolves, which are now extinct.

Dogs have been domesticated by men for various purposes such as raising cattle, guarding the premises, smelling smells or companionship. This relationship has mutually benefited both dogs and humans.

It is only because of the close association with humans that hundreds of dog breeds are available today with different qualities and traits. It is a kind of give and take, in which a person gives his dog, food and shelter in exchange for loyalty, friendship and other services.

Dogs are also used to pull loads or sleds, such as the Canadian Husky, domesticated primarily by Eskimos. Some dogs are used by police and law enforcement agencies due to their ability to catch fugitives and track their odor.

The conclusion

The relationship between humans and dogs is thousands of years old and has likely become more developed and stronger with the passing years. Dogs were the first domesticated animals and only carnivorous by humans ever. Despite being carnivorous by nature, dogs have adapted themselves very well to a starch-rich, often vegetarian human diet.

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