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100 Words – Essay on Deforestation for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Deforestation means cutting and burning of forests so that those areas can be used to create habitat or industry. Humans have been cutting down forests regularly, causing many problems. Due to deforestation, animals are not able to get a conducive environment to live and at the same time the land is becoming denser. Environmental pollution is also increasing and humans are not getting benefits from trees. The government has created many laws to prevent deforestation and has banned deforestation. All of us should also plant more and more trees instead of cutting down trees.

200 Words – Essay on Deforestation for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

To meet individual needs, human forests have been cutting down trees and trees, which is called Vanonmulan. Man is constantly cutting down trees to build homes and industries and is not paying attention to the ill effects of it. The harvesting of trees is causing great harm to the environment. Many problems are arising due to continuous felling of trees. Trees hold the soil and due to their harvesting, the soil is getting less and the soil is moving.

Air is being polluted by cutting trees and air pollution is increasing. The tree is very useful for us. From them we get raw material for fruits, flowers, shade, fuel and paper factory. All these things have come down due to cutting of trees and industries also do not get raw material. Due to deforestation, wild species have also disappeared and rainfall has also decreased. Vanonmulan has caused great damage to the environment, for which we need to stop cutting trees and plant as many trees as possible.

250 Words – Essay on Deforestation for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

One of the biggest problems of today is deforestation. Deforestation means deforestation and burning of them, which we are facing many difficulties. Man has been continuously deforestation in the race for progress and for increasing urbanization and industrialization. Man is forgetting the benefits of forests. Deforestation is done to obtain wood for fuel, to trade wood, to make space for building homes and industries.

Vanonamulan is having a very negative effect on the environment, life of animals and humans. In the absence of forests, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased, which is causing the problem of global warming. We are also not getting fruits, flowers and shade from deforestation. We are not getting pure air to breathe. Forests bring rain and prevent soil from flowing. In the absence of forests, climate change is taking place and soil erosion is also happening. Forests are the habitat of wild species and in the absence of these, they are unable to find a favorable environment to survive and many species are becoming extinct.

Forests are a very important part of our environment which also plays an important role in keeping the environment clean. To protect the environment, deforestation is necessary and the government has also banned deforestation. All of us should protect forests together and instead of cutting down trees, we should plant more trees and irrigate them. If we continue to cut forests in this way, then one day we will not be able to breathe properly. So plant trees, save lives.

300 Words – Essay on Deforestation for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Some of the most common causes of deforestation are globalization, urbanization, overpopulation and climate. The effects of deforestation are primarily eroding our environment, such as soil erosion, biodiversity effects and social impacts. Trees are also used as wood.

The area of ​​a large land with trees, bushes etc. is called a forest. And deforestation means that a large number of trees are cut down. Trees are useful to us in various ways. They provide us with wood, food and other products, they shade us and they help prevent droughts and floods. But the third most important of these tree services. To take quick advantage of the trees, the men cut them in large numbers. Trees are mostly destroyed to be used as firewood. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance, it leads to soil degradation and deprives us of fruits and wood and causes economic losses.

So, we have to realize the bad effects of deforestation. In fact, if deforestation goes on in our country it will be turned into a desert. Therefore, we must educate our common people and persuade them to stay away from cutting trees. We should create awareness among common people about the evils of destroying forests and motivate them to plant more and more trees. Otherwise the wilds of our country will gradually disappear and we will be in great sorrow. So, I think that every man and woman should erect at least a tree every year.

To prevent deforestation we must join all our hands, each in our small way. The world existed before the manufacture of paper. A lot of things like paper kitchen towels, facial tissues can be avoided, if only the word disposable Don’t get so fed up with it so go for that which is reusable and recycleable. Our trees are our heritage given to us by our ancestors, this legacy So we should give up on our own.

450 Words – Essay on Deforestation for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The problem of deforestation is a big problem. Today, humans are destroying the forests to fulfill their comforts. Deforestation is called cutting down the trees of the forests and destroying the forests. Deforestation is a major threat to human life. Humans need pure oxygen the most to live. Man cannot survive without oxygen. Oxygen is obtained from tree plants but today, with the changing world, man is slowly changing.

Man has been destroying forests to make his life better. We must plant a tree in our life. There is a need to stop deforestation today. We are facing a big problem with deforestation. Pollution will continue to increase due to deforestation and we will not get pure oxygen. If we want to get pure oxygen then we have to stop deforestation. To make the forests more beautiful, we have to plant trees.

With deforestation, man fulfills his pleasures. We are seeing that wood cut from forests is used as fuel, wood cut from forests is used for building houses, making boats, furniture. To make all these things, wood is cut from the forests. The problem of deforestation in forests is increasing continuously. Due to the increasing population, forests are being destroyed to build houses.

Today there is a need to stop deforestation of forests. Nature has given us a lot. Today we have to save nature from being destroyed. It is our responsibility to stop deforestation and make the new generation aware. Encourage the new generation to plant more trees and we need to talk to each other to eliminate the problem of deforestation. If we cut down trees to make our amenities better than the best today, tomorrow is going to be very terrible.

To make today beautiful and save the coming tomorrow from difficulties, we have to end the problem of deforestation. Trees make our life green. We must plant 1 to 2 trees in our life because the tree from which we are getting clean environment, pure oxygen, must have been planted by some one or the other. If we want to give pure environment for the coming generation, then we must also plant one or two trees in our life.

We all have the responsibility to stop deforestation of forests. It is also our responsibility to explain the person who harvests trees, improves deforestation to improve today’s facilities. Pollution is reduced only by forests. Today, we are seeing how much the vehicles running on petrol and diesel have become more polluted due to the smoke emanating from them. It is necessary to plant more trees to eliminate that pollution. That is why we have an obligation to stop deforestation.

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