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100 Words – Essay on Cow for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The cow is considered the most sacred animal and has been given the status of mother in Hinduism. It is very calm and simple nature. It is believed that 33 crore goddesses live in it. In ancient times the cow was considered a symbol of prosperity. The more a person who had a cow, the more wealthy he was. Cow is also worshiped and it is very useful for us. Manure is made from cow dung which is very beneficial for crops. Cheese and many sweets are made from cow’s milk. The cow’s milk hurts and the light of the eyes also remains as it is. The cow is also called Kamadhenu. It is found in many countries other than India. Cow is a herbivorous animal eating green grass, fodder and grains.

300 Words – Essay on Cow for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The cow is my favorite domestic animal. She is very funny by nature. She has two eyes, two ears, a big nose, two horns, a large forehead, a big mouth, four legs and a long tail with a big body. She eats green grass, grains, grass and fodder. Her big mouth helps her to chew the fodder. She gives us milk. Her milk is very nutritious and useful to humans. Not only for adults but it is very useful for children and patients. Using its milk, we can make many nutritious and healthy edible things like curd, cottage cheese, butter, Dig and sweets.

Hindus called her “cow mother” in India. He has many religious significance for the Hindu. It is believed by Hindus that all the 33 core goddesses or gods lived with her. In India, her milk is used as a holy liquid in every religious activity. Even, every remnant of it is considered sacred and useful such as: milk is often used for milk consecration and to make panchamets, dung is used for plants, humans and to clean the place of worship. for. We should respect him and be kind to him. In Hinduism, cow slaughter is considered a sin. In India, P.M. Modi’s government has banned the slaughtering of cows and eating its beef.

The cow is a common useful pet. It has many benefits for humans. Cows vary in size, shape and color. It can be found worldwide. In every state and country, it varies in color, size and quality. Only in India, we can find many types or breeds of cow. India has about 37 breeds of cows, some of them are Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi and Lal Sindhi etc. This cow is well known for their milk power.

400 Words – Essay on Cow for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Cow is a domestic animal. It is used for milking and working in fields etc. In olden times the cow was considered a symbol of economic status. Whoever had more cows was said to be more prosperous. The cow is considered the purest of all creatures. People of Hindu religion worship the cow and call it cow mother.

Characteristics of Cow 

The cow has one mouth, two eyes, two ears, two singers, four udder, four legs and a long tail which makes the fly etc. shoo away. The cow is very simple and simple in nature. The cow is found in white, dark red, blue and bright colors. The cow has 800 species. Cows found in India are small while cows from abroad are heavy. The average age of a cow is 20 years. Its pregnancy is 9 months. When a cow has its first child, its age is 2 years. Cow also has its own paranormal importance. It is said that the cow’s body is inhabited by 33. crore goddesses. Krishna ji is also very fond of the cow. Cow likes straw and green grass and grains.

Once the bait is eaten, she keeps on chewing the entire day. Cow’s milk is very nutritious. By drinking it, there is quickness in the body. Drinking milk of cow also increases the memory and the power of eye sight remains the same. It also protects us from many diseases. A lot of things are made from cow’s milk such as cheese, sweets etc. Cow dung is very useful for fields, it acts like good manure. Cow urine is used to treat severe diseases like cancer. After the death of cow, its skin, sing etc. are used in some or the other way.

Premature death of cow

Even today the cow is found in almost all the houses in the village, whereas in cities the cow swallows polythene on the roads and they die prematurely. Cow meat is sold and eaten openly in shops. The cow is cut. To curb all these things, the government has banned cow meat and polythene so that we can save cow mother.


A cow is an organism that is very beneficial for us. Even today, cow is the means of livelihood in the village. It is also possible to treat many diseases. Together we should take care of the cows and open a cowshed for them.

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