Essay on Bus Journey in English – 250 Words

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Essay on Journey By Bus for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

The increasing number of people has made it difficult for the average Indian to travel by bus as it is the cheapest mode of travel, all poor people and rural people prefer to travel through it. This in turn makes a nightmare trip for a city dweller not used to such crowds. I had an interview for my job.

So I had no other option to travel by bus. On the appointed day I stopped early for the bus stand. When I got there I found out that the ticket window had closed. So I stood in the queue that was formed in front of it. Since then it was a long wait. The window was not opened for the next hour. Luckily, before people got restless, we saw the bus enter the terminal. As the ticket window opened on cue. There was a mad rush to get the tickets which the people were still pushing peacefully and kiss each other to reach the counter. Some broke the queue and tried to buy strong tickets. This made people stand in front of the queue to protest.

And soon there was a quarrel between some of them before they could settle it, the bus gave a warning shriek. Somehow I managed to buy a ticket and board the bus. The seats were ripped off, just an old one. And fruit pales were scattered all over the floor. An old villager sitting next to me looked like he had come directly from his fields. She was smelling of manure and fertilizers. After 3 hours I reached my stop and got down from the bus. My bus journey was fine.

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