Essay on Bravery in English – 300 Words

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Essay on Bravery for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

It is only in the difficult moments that we come to know whether a person is brave or not. Most people are not brave but no one who does not consider themselves brave. Everyone sees a lion, but many who are struggling with danger People behave like whites When our soldiers fight with Pakistani forces, we meet an army of soldiers. Indian soldiers are known around the world for their bravery, they never fear death. For them, the day of battle is the only day that is eligible to survive. And it is the greatest glory for him to die while protecting the honor of his motherland.

They prefer to make the biggest sacrifice instead of going back to profanity. By doing this they become the pride of a nation. My grand father was an officer in the army and told many stories of bravery of Indian soldiers. He was leading a battalion in the Lahore sector. A fierce battle was going on between Indian and Pakistani soldiers. The guns were on fire as the tanks roared.

It was a dark night. Indian soldiers were advancing. Suddenly, they were surrounded by the enemy. There was a hand to hand fight that a patien tank was advancing. An Indian soldier named Joginder Singh started flying near the tank in the dark. He had some grenades, he reached the backside of the tank. He climbed the tank — and threw two hand grenades into the tank. Tank burst and Pakistani soldiers were killed. Joginder lost one hand in the operation.

The Pakistani army retreated, the Indian soldiers advanced, taking Joginder Singh, a fool, lying near the tank. He was sent to a military hospital. Joginder Singh died a few days later. He did a brave job. It was an act of great courage. He did not care for his life. He fought for the honor of the country. Such brave soldiers have given a good name to the country.

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