Essay on An Unforgettable Incident in English for Students

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It is true that if we have joys in our life we have sorrows too. Like all others, I cannot be an exception. I still remember the day when I felt that there is no joy in the world but sorrow.

I was enjoying the vacations after my tenth class board ex-examinations. My best friend in the neighbourhood, Polly, was staying with me. Her parents had gone to Bombay where her grandfather was to undergo some major operation. I and my parents did our best to keep her happy and away from missing her parents. For us it was play time all through the day.

One evening as we were playing our little brain game, Scrabble, the postman called at my door with a telegram. It was sent by Polly’s parents. Her grandfather’s operation was successful and her parents were to return the next day by plane. On reading it Polly was overjoyed and I joined her in her moment of happiness.

That night Polly did not sleep. She counted the hours till the early morning. We dressed hurridly and my father took us to the airport. On reaching there we sensed something wrong. The Indian Airlines flight from Bombay had crashed while landing. Fire tenders and ambulances were on the run. Our hearts sank. Polly fainted from shock. My father hired a taxi and sent us back home.

We waited with throbbing hearts for my father to return with her safe and sound parents. My mother sent for a doctor as Polly’s condition became worse. I sat by her side silently wishing for a happy turn. My father returned only to say that there was no sign of her parents though their names were mentioned in the airline’s passenger list. Polly was hysterical and it became difficult to control her.

She said that she wanted to go to her home. I decided to go with her while my mother would soon follow. Once out on the street she ran towards her home. I saw a speeding car and shouted after her to stop. She didn’t. The car didn’t stop and sped away leaving her laying oh the road badly hurt.

We immediately took her to a nearby hospital. The doctors who examined her said she may recover gradually but did not confirm her recovery. She was placed in the intensive are unit.

I returned home with my parents. The moment we entered the room the telephone rang. It was a call from the hospital to inform that Polly was no more. I felt numb and tears welled up in my eyes. I still refused to believe what I heard was true.

The postman was back again with another telegram. Surprisingly, it was from Polly’s parents to inform that they had missed their flight due to some car trouble on their way to the airport. The news of Polly’s parents as alive did not touch my heart. Only for once did I feel a ‘what if her parents had preferred to call on phone than to send a telegram, and then this would not have happened’. Polly could have been well and happy-

Polly’s parents were shocked to hear about their daughter’s death when they came home next day. But nothing could be done. Even today when I remember the incident every moment of that day flashes through my eyes and I begin to cry, “Polly, why did you have to die? I have lost a good friend in you.”

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