Essay on A Visit To The Zoo in English for Kids

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Short Essay on A Visit To The Zoo

Last Sunday, Madhuri came to my house. She was in a joyous mood. She showed me the newspaper and told me that a new lion had come into our city’s zoo.

When we visited the zoo, first of all we saw ducks, drakes, geese and swans in ponds. In large fields deer, stags, kangaroos and zebras were roaming about.

As we moved on we saw the chimpanzee in a big cage. There were also bears, wolves, foxes and jackals in separate cages.

We were very anxious to see the lions. They were moving around in a very big cage. They looked wildly at us. We also saw tigers and their cubs. Then we saw the birds in smaller cages. There were sparrows and pigeons. They chirped and flew about. In this way we spent five hours there. During my visit to the zoo I collected a lot of information. I was surprised to see so many animals and birds.

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