Essay on A Scene at the Bus Stand in English

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100 Words – Essay on A Scene at the Bus Stand for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

Last Monday, I went to leave my uncle at the bus stand. The view of the bus stand was very interesting. There was separate parking for different routes. A bus was parked at each stand. The men behind the counter were issuing tickets as the conductors were shouting to attract passengers to their respective buses. As soon as a bus was full, the conductor blew his whistle and exited the bus stand. Another one immediately rushed to take his place. This activity was going on endlessly. I bought a ticket for my uncle, got him a good seat and then came back home.

200 Words – Essay on A Scene at the Bus Stand for Students & Kids in Very Easy Words

The bus stop is an interesting place. There are always passengers at the bus stop. There is a large crowd at the bus stop during peak hours. I go to my school by bus. Yesterday I reached the bus stop a little earlier than usual. There was a huge crowd at the stop. Some people were standing in the queue. Some people were standing all around, everyone had to hurry.

Some were talking, some were reading newspapers, some were discussing politics, some were discussing law and order problem, while others were discussing rising prices. As soon as the bus arrived, all passengers ran to drive it. There was pushing and pulling the queue was broken. I could not board the bus, took some passengers and left.

After some time another bus came on the same route. It was also packed. Somehow, I could get inside the bus. There was no place to stand properly. After 30 minutes I got down on the bus. I have to face this problem every day. During peak times the buses are always crowded.


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