Essay on A Road Accident in English for Kids

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Short Essay on A Road Accident

Yesterday noon, I decided to go to see a movie for fun with some of my friends. We rode to the cinema hall on our cycles. When we reached the main road we saw a car dashing at great speed. It knocked down a girl travelling on her scooty. She fell and rolled on the road.

We rushed to the spot. I saw that hue to the carelessness of the car driver the girl was seriously injured. Her face was bleeding and she was not able to move. Within a few minutes, there gathered a big crowd of onlookers.

We dropped our idea of going to the movie and two of my friends took the girl to a nearby hospital. Some people started beating van also arrived at the place of the accident. After some enquiry the car driver was taken away by the policemen. I returned home with a very sad heart.

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