Essay on A Postman in English for Students

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A postman is a responsible public servant. He has a key role in the functioning of the Postal Department. He is an important person in the society. He is eagerly awaited by one and all. Without him it is not easy to keep in touch with our friends and relatives.

A typical postman is recognized by his khakhi uniform and a bag full of letters hanging across his shoulders. But now-a-days the official dress is being replaced by ordinary casuals and the bag is replaced by a paper basket tied to the handle in front of the bicycle.

A postman’s job is not easy. He has to work hard under all odds of heavy rain, hot summer and biting cold winter. He reaches the Head Post Office early in the day to sort out letters of the area assigned to him. Then he sets out to fulfill his responsibility.

He goes from street to street and house to house and delivers the letters, packets, parcels and money-orders at the correct address. He has to be very careful in the cases of delivering the registered post and money orders because he may be penalised for a wrong delivery.

For the public he is a messenger of all kinds of news. He brings the pleasant news of success, the sad news of woes and mournings and many more. The sight of him in the street arises curiosity in the hearts of those eagerly waiting to receive some news. In the field of trade and business his services are highly valuable.

In spite of his hard duty he is always polite and courteous. A postman serving in the villages reads out the contents in the letter to those who cannot read for themselves. He also helps the illiterates in sending across their messages by writing the letters for them. For offering his time and services he is well respected by such people. They lovingly call him as their ‘Dalt Babu’.

Though inventions in science have progressed to the ex¬tent. of developing Fax machines and Teleprinters for sending messages quickly over long distances, it is not possible to imagine communication through correspondence without the services of the postman.

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