Education Portal Teachers eKyc – Online Aadhaar Verification

Aadhaar verification of 340677 teachers is to be done through the Online Teachers eKYC Management System, out of which the EKYC process of only 27000 teachers has been completed by the time of writing the article, so all of you complete your EKYC process at the earliest.

Delay in getting seventh pay – Education Portal Teachers eKyc

  • Now this e-kyc system.
  • We all know that according to Aadhaar and our service record, there will be some variation in name, surname, father’s name and date of birth. That is, e-kyc is not 100% possible even in two-four months.
  • Finded a way to stop the seventh pay and two-four months.
  • Is the service record not sufficient for the actual identity of the employee?
  • Has the government employees of all departments been identified on the basis of Aadhaar e-kyc?
  • Many people will have errors or differences in the entries in the Aadhaar card.

Through e-service book EKYC, update all the teacher’s partner, the name which is entered in the Aadhaar number, father’s name, if there is any error in it, then it will be corrected as per Aadhaar and it is also mandatory for the seventh pay fixation. Process is attached in the above order through all teacher partner EKYC Education portal, please read and get information

Download pdf of notification and process

Documents and Procedure required for Online Teachers eKYC

Base number

  • Mobile number which is linked to Aadhar card.
  • Enter unique id
  • Enter the Composite ID
  • Insert captcha


  • Enter the base number (correct)
  • Insert received OTP in mobile
  • Insert captcha
  • SUCCESS message will come

Online Teachers eKYC Procedure : –

STEP 1: To complete this process, first of all you have to go to the official website of the education portal. In this official page, you have to click on the link EKYC Management System.

Online Teachers eKYC
Online Teachers eKYC

STEP 2: In the online eKYC Managment System, you can get all the information related to e-KYC for more information, you can also read the manual given on the portal, however we are also sharing this information so that you do not have any problem. .

Now click on the eKYC link in the eKYC menu and follow the process.

Online Teachers eKYC online registration
Online Teachers eKYC online registration

STEP 3: Enter the employee’s unique ID and reconfirm as well as the overall ID and process the details further by verifying the details.

ekyc 1
ekyc for teacher

STEP 4: After verifying the information of the employee will be displayed on the screen and you will be asked to enter the Aadhaar number below. After entering the Aadhaar number of the employee, select the eKYC medium. If you have a mobile number linked to Aadhaar, if not the first one, then the other Select the option. On selecting the second option, you will need a biometric device for eKYC.

eKyc Portal aadhaar verification
eKyc Portal aadhaar verification

STEP 5: After Aadhaar verification successfully, Aadhaar information will be displayed on the screen. If Aadhaar information is different from the information in your education portal, please apply for Aadhaar correction first and only then do eKYC.

But when all the information is matched, click on the Verify employee’s Aadhaar button. Your Aadhaar will be verified as soon as you click.

Education Portal Teachers eKyc
Education Portal Teachers eKyc

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