Top 7 Deindexing Issues in Bing – Tips for ReIndex in Bing

Deindexing Issues in Bing, Tips for ReIndex in Bing – If your blog or page is getting deindexed from Bing Webmaster or is not getting indexed, then this post is for you.

In this post, we will learn about the seven problems due to which our pages are either deindexed in Bing Webmaster or are not indexed at all.

What is Bing Webmaster Tool?

Microsoft has a Bing search engine, just like Google Search Engine, many people search their query in Google’s search engine like Google app or Chrome browser and many people search in Microsoft’s Bing search engine like Microsoft edge browser. We do.

If your blog website or page is not indexed in the Bing search engine, then whoever searches your questions in Microsoft edge browser, then your page will not be visible there and you will not be able to take advantage of the traffic coming from Bing.

Like Google Search Console, we submit our site to Bing Webmaster Tool so that our blog page can also be seen in Microsoft’s browser.

Like Google App or Google Chrome, Microsoft’s browser Microsoft Edge is also used by a large number of people today, so if your site is not indexed in the Bing search engine then you are losing a large part of your traffic.

How to know whether our page is indexed in Bing Search Engine or not?
To find out whether our blog page is indexed in the Bing search engine, type technicalseo in any of your browsers and search it.

Now the technicalseo tool website will appear above in the search engine in front of you, open it by clicking on it and then after scrolling down a bit, open Fetch & Render by clicking on the Go Tool button on this option.

technicalseo tool website

Now enter your blog’s URL in the url section and select Bingbot by clicking on the User Agent drop down arrow, and then click on the FETCH button in the bottom right side.

Now this tool will fetch your website in Bing search engine and show the result below. If 200 ok appears in the status of the result, then you understand that your site is indexed in the Bing search engine.

Now if you have submitted your blog to Bing Webmaster Tool but still many of your pages are not getting indexed in this search engine or those which were already indexed have also been deindexed then solution of this problem We will know in the next post.

Top 7 Deindexing Issues in Bing

Many times we submit our blog to Bing Webmaster Tool and the pages of our blog are also indexed there but sometimes gradually some or all pages get de-indexed, there are mainly 7 reasons for this. .

1. Hosting

2. KeywordStuffing

3. Duplicate Content

4. Wrong Canonical

5. Spammy Backlinks

6. Copied Affiliate Sites

7. Doorway Pages

Now we will know the solution of these seven problems in the next post and by following the steps mentioned below, you will be able to get back the lost traffic from there by indexing your site back in Bing Search Engine.

How To Get Website Reindexed in Bing


Our hosting company can be the first reason why our page is not indexed in Bing Search Engine.

Many hosting companies block Bing Search Engine because Bing repeatedly crawls our site, due to which there is a possibility of slowing down the hosting speed.

If the hosting you are using is blocked by the same Bing Search Engine, then your blog post may not be indexed here.

In this case, you should contact your hosting provider and ask them to unblock your hosting for Bing search engine.


Keyword Stuffing means using the same keyword multiple times in your post, earlier people used to do this and bring their post to the top of the search engine, but now search engines have become very smart.

In the case of Keyword Stuffing, Google does not de-index our page, it ignores our page itself or down it in the search engine, but in such a case, Bing deindexes our page itself.

Therefore, if you want your page to rank in the Bing search engine along with Google, then do not do Keyword Stuffing at all, anyway it is of no use now.

To check Keyword Stuffing, you have to visit your page manually and remove the extra keywords entered, then the problem will be solved automatically.

Duplicate Content

Even though now Google does not give any penalty for Duplicate Content, it just downs the page, but Bing deindexes your page from its search engine for Duplicate Content.

Duplicate Content means that you have copied the page of another site and put it on your site or you have made two pages of the same type on your site itself.

After you remove the duplicate content on your site and take care of it in future, then Bing will automatically index that page back.

Wrong Canonical

When we have 2 or more pages of the same type on our site, we create Canonical Url of the rest of the pages in one page and tell the search engines that all these pages are the same, in which only one page is ranked. Is.

Bing treats different URLs of our site like www or http or https etc. as different pages so we should use Canonical tag on our site.

By creating a Canonical Tag, we tell the search engine that all these pages are the same and only one page has to be indexed.

Spammy Backlinks

Many times new bloggers create backlinks by visiting a low quality site or spamming site, this is called Spammy Backlinks.

A few years ago, many people used to get their site ranked by creating Spammy Backlinks but over time the search engines started recognizing it.

Google identifies and ignores sites with spamming backlinks, ie downs them in the search engine, but Bing deindexes such sites.

If many backlinks have already been made on a site, then taking backlinks from there is not very beneficial for you.

You can take the help of many tools to remove bad backlinks and Bing will index your site back as soon as you solve this problem.

Copied Affiliate Sites

The content on many Affiliate Sites is the same, only the product name and model are different, so Bing considers the content of this site as copy content.

You make the contact unique on your Affiliate Sites, it is true that you will write only about any one product which is its specification and those things have already been written on thousands of sites but still you write it in your own way so that your The content looks unique.

Doorway Pages

Many people write posts on their sites to target different districts or states, but all those posts have the same thing, only the targeted keywords like doctor’s name or school name are different.

If we are writing about a dental doctor in any one state, then we will keep the same content for writing about any dental doctor in another state, only change the name of the doctor and the district.

But both of your pages are almost the same, which Search Engines understand as Doorway Pages, so you write both the pages in different styles so that they look unique because Bing Deindex only such pages.

So these were some of the reasons for which Bing gives your blog or page by looking at Deindex. Apply all the things mentioned above on your site so that Bing will index your site or page back and you can get the benefit of the traffic coming from there.


In today’s time, Google and Bing are the only two search engines, due to which most of the traffic comes to our site, so adapt your page according to these two search engines, then only you will get the full benefit of writing.

We hope that by reading this post, you have got the solution of the problems of Deindexing in Bing Search Engine, if you still have any question or suggestion related to this post, then definitely write in the comment box below.

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