Business Ideas After LockDown Plan, Opportunity, India

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The transition of lock don has completely shaken the people of the country as well as the economy of the country. Due to the decline in the country’s economy, the whole foundation of the country has been shaken. Due to the Great Depression, every citizen of the country is unemployed in today’s time. Due to the loss of job, he has started worrying about his future. The biggest thinking and problem among all this is that right now people are at home because the infection of corona is spreading. But what will happen after the lock down is opened and how will people be able to get employment again?

Which way will investors find where they can get better returns by investing for the future? Today we have brought the answer of all these questions for you in this post. This post can probably solve many of your problems, for which you have to read it till the end.

Business ideas to start after lock down

In today’s time, Coronavirus has kept our country tight in its claws, due to which there is an atmosphere of lockdown in the whole country. Due to this lockdown, neither investors can do any business nor can invest money in any business. But today we are going to tell you about some such new business which is very beneficial keeping in mind the situation and will also make profits soon. As soon as the tola down is over, immediately adopt the ideas given below..

Business of manufacturing and trading of health related products:-

Coronavirus has made people understand the true meaning of health. Due to which the demand for health care products is increasing day by day. In such a situation, if you can start the business of manufacturing any health care product yourself, then you can earn good profits very soon. In which you can do the work of making masks, making hand sanitizer, hand gloves, or manufacturing different types of health care products.

Corona oven sales business:-

Bangalore is a city which is also known as IT Sector. A company named Log 9 Material Startup, which is based in Bangalore, has demonstrated a product named Corona Oven. About that product, the company has told that it is a device through which bacteria and viruses can be easily eliminated within just 10 minutes. That device is designed in such a way that it can also sanitize goods using its ultraviolet light. At the same time, it can also eliminate many types of bacteria and viruses present on that item. Keeping in mind the frightening situation of today, you can guess for yourself how much the demand for this device is going to be high in the coming future. So you can easily start this business idea and earn a lot of income in few days.

Start antibacterial fabric business:-

No one had heard the name of Coronavirus before today, but ever since this name has appeared, people have started trembling with the name of the virus. Only then new ideas have started coming in the minds of people. With its new thinking, a company has created an antibacterial fabric that can keep us safe from viruses. A startup in the country of Israel, has made a fabric that can be used to protect against any terrible virus. About 2 lakh masks were made and distributed in Israel, all of them were made of some fabric. That company claims that some such items have been used in this fabric which will last for a long time and will not get spoiled even after washing more than 100 times. After lock down, you can start the business of selling some similar fabric products which can be very profitable.

The business of manufacturing and selling hygiene hooks:-

The Hygiene Hook, its name itself, seems to have been made after seeing the danger of the virus. This is a product that you can use without touching the door to open the door, lift or open such things which are mainly public. The things on which everyone has their hands, the virus spreads soon, in such a situation it can be used on the things used by everyone. This hook is manufactured by a company called DDB based in London. A similar variety of hooks has also been made by experts from Stanford University. It has been made by mixing some such materials on which no virus can survive for a long time. In such a situation, if a person starts the work of buying and selling this hook, then he can earn a lot of profit immediately after the lock down opens.

Business of selling virus killing masks:-

The way a helmet is required while driving, similarly, in today’s time, we have started needing a mask to get out of the house. A material that works to stop various viruses going into our ears, nose and mouth outside. But how will it be if you get a mask that prevents the virus from entering your body as well as kills it as soon as it comes near the mask. You must be thinking that this idea is amazing, then let us tell you that a company in London named Virus Static. That company has manufactured one such mask. It has been prepared in such a way that it is capable of eliminating the largest virus up to 96%. If you want, you can start trading this mask immediately after the lock down opens. Because in view of the serious situation, the need of such month is going to be felt by the whole world in the coming time.

Manufacturing Business of Paper Napkin:-

Usually paper napkins are used in hotels as well as restaurants. But in the present time, paper napkins have been made the future of the times to come. Because keeping in mind today’s situation, the use of paper napkins is going to increase to keep the upcoming situation simple and away from danger. In the coming times, you will see the use of paper napkins in your home, office as well as in all shops or big malls. Hence paper napkin manufacturing business can become a huge profit making business for the coming future. Also, this is a business that has been included within the MSME industries, due to which you will also get a loan from the government to start this business comfortably.

Car washing and sanitizing business:-

Keeping in mind the danger of the virus, in today’s time, after stepping out of the house, there is a lot of fear while touching anything. In such a situation, when everyone has a car, it cannot be parked inside the house, but the fear of infection is always there. Some percent of the people do the work of sanitizing their car by washing themselves. But some people are looking for a good place to sanitize and car wash. You can end the search for them by starting the job of car washing and sanitizing. Also, you can run your business slowly by helping them. In the present time as well as in the future also, you can get an opportunity to get a good profit from this business.

Import and export business:-

The situation of lock down may have locked us at home, but in such a situation, the Government of India has always been urging our countrymen to start their own business and at the same time keep importing or exporting things from outside countries to their country. . If someone is a very creative minded person and can start his business and can also get a good profit in future, then such person must start a business immediately and import and export it. Importing and exporting is very necessary to increase the growth of your business, which can give you an opportunity to earn huge profits in the coming future.

Trading business of ceramic tiles:-

Ceramic tile is such a type of tile which is very attractive and looks very beautiful to look at. Due to the busyness of the people, they have settled their house but till date they have not been able to fulfill the dream of decorating their house. There are many people who are busy in fulfilling the dream of decorating and beautifying their house sitting at home in lock down. Most of the people use ceramic tile to make the house beautiful. So the demand for ceramic tile is going to increase gradually in the coming future because the demand for ceramic tile to make old house new is going to increase. Therefore, you can start the business of ceramic tile immediately as soon as the lock down opens, which can be very beneficial for you.


Lock down is such a time, which if not everyone would have thought about it, but would not have guessed that in this way you will have to spend time with your family. If seen from a positive point of view, this opportunity is very good because few people would probably get the opportunity to spend time with their family away from the busyness of life. For those people, this is a very good opportunity. Also, this is a great opportunity for such people who are very creative and are making up their mind to do something with their idea. Because this is a time where you can sit in a calm mind and a calm place and plan some such creative ideas, which you can adopt immediately as soon as the lock down opens and take your business to the heights of the sky. All the ideas mentioned by us are very creative, which people might not have even thought about, but if you like any of these ideas, then you can adopt it immediately and start planning related to it from today itself.

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