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Recently, the government of Narendra Modi has taken a big step in the interest of the common class citizens of the country. The demand of the general class citizens to implement the reservation system on the basis of long-standing economic basis has been implemented by the central government. Now citizens of ST, SC and OBC as well as general class citizens can also avail reservation. Reservation will also be provided to general category citizens. Some rules and laws have been enacted by the government to provide reservation to the general class. Only those who follow the general category can avail this reservation system.

Under the reservation system, the benefit of reservation will be provided to the general category citizens only on the basis. All citizens who are financially weak. And he is a general class citizen. They will be given the benefit of 10 percent reservation. To get the benefit of reservation, poor citizens of the general category have to prove it. That he is indeed financially weak. And they should be provided with the benefit of reservation.

The government has made arrangements to issue EWS Certificate to check the eligibility of all the economically weaker citizens of general category and provide benefits to them. Through EWS Certificate, all eligible citizens can avail the benefit of reservation system. EWS Certificate Kaise Banaye? What you need to do to get an EWS certificate. And what documents you will need to get an EWS Certificate. To get an answer to these questions, you have to read this article till the last. You will be provided with complete information here.

What is EWS Certificate 2021 ?

Before getting information about how to create an EWS Certificate, we need to know this very much. What is the EWS Certificate? The full form of EWS Certificate is Economically Weaker Sections (Economically Weaker Section). That is, economically weaker sections. EWS certificate is similar to income certificate which reflects your financial status. The main objective of issuing this certificate by the government is to provide benefits of reservation to the weaker sections of the general caste by the Modi government recently.

As you know, many jobs are being issued by the Central and State Government from time to time. In which the quota of SC, ST and OBC is fixed. Now 10% quota of general category citizens will also be fixed. And the citizens of the general class will be provided with the benefit of economic reservation. Citizens of the general class who are financially weak. And want to get reservation provided by the government. So you have to get an EWS certificate.

EWS Certificate / 10 Percent Reservation Certificate

For making an EWS Certificate, the total annual family income should be less than ₹ 800000. Annual income of all working members of the family will be added to ₹ 800000. With this, all the sources of income of the family such as farming, business, job, house rent etc. will also be added to it.

Which member of the family’s income will be added –

As already made clear by the government. That the annual income of the entire family should be less than ₹ 800000. Only then the citizens of such families will be provided with the benefit of reservation system. But still many citizens will have this question in their mind. After all, which income of the family members will be added. Income of the following persons will be added to the annual income of ₹ 800000 –

  •     Your own income
  •     Your parents income
  •     Income from your siblings who are unmarried
  •     Spouse Income
  •     And your children’s income (unmarried)

Who can not get EWS certificate –

This is the main question. Which will come in many people’s minds. What such citizens are. Those who cannot get EWS certificate. The following people cannot apply for EWS Certificate –

  •     Citizens who have more than 5 acres of land
  •     Citizens whose houses are more than 1000 square feet

Documents required to get an EWS certificate –

To create an EWS Certificate, you will need the following required documents –

  •     Aadhar Card
  •     Income certificate
  •     Pan Card
  •     BPL Ration Card
  •     Bank statement
  •     Self declaration form

EWS Certificate Kaise Banaye –

The online process for creating EWS certificate has not been started yet. Therefore, only offline can be applied for EWS Certificate. And can be made. To make an EWS Certificate, you have to be in your Tehsil – District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / Additional ‘Deputy Commissioner / From Tehsildar / From Sub-Divisional Officer / Sub-office of the area where the candidate or his family normally resides. Can be made by a departmental officer.

EWS Certificate Form Download –

To apply for an EWS certificate, you will need the EWS Certificate form. You can buy EWS Certificate form from any shop. Also you can get free form from office. In addition, you can also download direct by clicking on the link given below. And you can also remove the printout if needed.

PDF EWS Certificate form download

Check Application Status

Follow the given below steps to check EWS Application Status

  • Go to the official website of the AP Meeseva Portal.
  • At the Homepage, click on Login Option.
  • Enter the details asked i.e. username & password.
  • Click on the Check MeeSeva Certificate option.
  • Fill up your Application number and select Go option.
  • Details of your Application Status will appear on the screen.

How to Login

  • Go to the official website of the AP Meeseva Portal.
  • On the Homepage, click on the Login Option.
  • Enter the details asked i.e. username & password.
  • Now click on the Login option.
Some important Questions to EWS Certificate

What is an EWS Certificate?

This certificate is issued to provide 10% reservation for economically weaker general class citizens. The EWS certificate is similar to the income certificate which reflects the economic status of the holder.

What is the full form of EWS?

The full form of EWS Certificate is Economically Weaker Sections (Economically Weaker Section).

Which member of the family’s income will be added?

The income of you, your parents, your unmarried siblings, your wife and your unmarried children will be added.

Who can get an EWS Certificate?

Only such citizens can get EWS certificate. SC, ST and OBC are not getting the benefit of reservation. Mainly in such category only general category citizens fall. Those who are financially weak.

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