AP YSR Navaratnalu Scheme Info & Its Benefits

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy has taken the initiative of AP YSR Navratnalu Yojana. The YSR Navaratnu Yojana is a combination of nine welfare schemes. The main motive behind this scheme of the government is to provide financial assistance to the farmers, reforms in the healthcare sector, timely and pension facilities. The government of Andhra Pradesh state wants to improve in medical, education, agriculture and other fields. Read the details related to the scheme from the section below.
AP YSR Navratnalu Scheme

The YSR Navratnalu scheme has been launched for the welfare of the people. The scheme is a combination of nine welfare schemes which are Amma Vodi, YSR Asara, Liquor Ban, Jalayagnam, Fee Reimbursement, Arogyashree, YSR Rayathu Bharosa, Pedhalandariki Ilu and Pensionla Pempu. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy is planning to raise funds as the state suffers from a fund crash under an initiative called “Connect to Andhra”. Funds raised with the help of this initiative will be used for these schemes. Candidates wishing to apply for the scheme require detailed information about the scheme before applying.

YSR Navaratnalu Scheme Overview:

Name of the scheme AP YSR Navaratnalu scheme
Initiated by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy
Beneficial for People of the state
Official website https://www.ap.gov.in/


Benefits of AP YSR Navaratnalu Scheme

  • Students will be encouraged to study.
  • This scheme is very beneficial for the improvement of education sector
  • Citizens of the state will get free medical treatment
  • Financial assistance will be given to farmers
  • Pending work on irrigation project will be completed
  • Senior citizens will get pension
  • Poor people will get financial help to build houses
  • The women of the cooperative also get financial support.

Amma Vody

The Amma Vodi scheme is intended to encourage mothers to send their children to school. Government Rs. Will provide. 15000 / – for those mothers who send their children to school for studies. This is also another initiative of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to encourage students towards education.

Ysr asara

The YSR Asra Scheme is to provide financial assistance to women who run cooperative societies. Under this scheme, the government plans to forgive loans and provide 0% interest loan to them. This scheme is specifically for women who are above 45 years of age and belongs to SC, ST, BC and minority communities.

Alcohol ban

The government of Andhra Pradesh state has decided to ban the sale of liquor within the state. Under the scheme, the government will initiate a ban on alcohol in three phases.


Jalayagam scheme is very beneficial for many families within the state. Under the scheme, the government will go for improving irrigation projects and completing projects that are still in progress. Irrigation projects like the Polavaram project will be completed first.

Fee reimbursement

Many students are unable to complete their studies due to lack of finance. To promote education and encourage talented students of the state, the government has introduced a fee reimbursement scheme. Under this scheme, the entire fees of the students will be reimbursed by the government. Apart from comprehensive fee reimbursement, the students as a whole will also get an allowance of Rs 20,000.

YSR Arogyasri

The aim of the Arogyasri scheme is to improve the state’s healthcare sector. The government has promised to provide free medical treatment to patients above the amount of Rs 1000. The scheme is for families who are below the poverty line. Medical expenses up to Rs. 5 lakh will be given by the government for the treatment of the patient.

YSR Rayathu Bharosa

The main beneficiaries of YSR Rayathu Bharosa Yojana are farmers. The government will provide financial assistance of Rs.5,000,000 / -. Beginning of the second year, the families of each beneficiary will get Rs. 1500 per year. Additionally, the government has promised to provide zero-interest loans and free borewells. Cold storage and food processing units will come up in every assembly constituency.

Pedhalandariki Illu

The purpose of the Pedhalandariki Illu scheme is to provide houses to the poor. Under this scheme, the state government has promised to provide financial assistance to the weaker section to build houses. In five years, the government has promised to build 25 lakh houses.

Pension scheme

Under the pension scheme, the government will provide pension to the citizen of the state, who is more than 60 years of age. Applicants will get monthly pension in their bank account. Pension amount of Rs. 2000 / – and for physically challenged citizens its Rs. 3000 / -. According to the new initiative, the pension amount will be increased soon.

New initiative

The Andhra Pradesh government plans to raise around Rs 1 crore through contributions from various sources. This increase of funds will be done under an initiative called “Connect to Andhra”. The fund will be used primarily for the AP YSR Navratnalu scheme. The government is also looking for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds of companies.

Additional Information YSR Navaratnalu Scheme

Additionally, as per the information we received, the state government is planning to set up “Section 8 Company” under the Companies Act 2013. Section 8 The company aims to promote commerce, arts, science, sports, education. Research, social welfare, religion, charity and protection of the environment, among other objectives. The government has increased the monthly old age pension to Rs. 3000 per head. Enhancement of health schemes like farmer welfare schemes like Rythu Bharsa and Arogyashree. Economic experts estimate that the Navratnalu schemes amount to about Rs 60000 crores.

Note: YSR Navaratnalu scheme of Andhra Pradesh government is very beneficial for the overall development of the state. For more information about the scheme, see the official website.

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