Affected Unorganized Migrant Workers by Central Govt. – National Portal for COVID-19

Central Government. Launch of national portal for unorganized migrant workers affected by COVID-19, coronary control of workers sector-wise, to check data online

The central government is going to launch a national portal for the unorganized migrant workers affected by COVID-19. This online portal will track migrant workers in the unorganized sector who are affected by a national-wide coronavirus lockdown in India. The Ministry of Labor and Employment will soon launch this portal. The new portal will collect details of all unorganized sector workers who are stranded in relief camps, residential or industrial groups.

Through the national portal for unorganized migrant workers affected by COVID-19, the government will pass on relief benefits to migrant workers. This can be through cash transfer or other means.

National Portal for Unorganized Migrant Workers Affected COVID-19

So far, the central government of India has collected details of 2.2 million migrant workers across the country. The new national portal for unorganized migrant workers affected by COVID-19 will provide a registration number to all workers. On this portal, the government will map migratory patterns by capturing details of their place of origin. Government. Key details of such workers such as the date of leaving the workplace, the reason for stay and the status of Kovid-19 infection will also feed.

All workers will be able to register themselves on the national portal for migrant workers of the unorganized sector affected by COVID-19. Central government. Does not want to leave any workers from the registration process.

Content Zone Wise Data on National Portal for Coronavirus Affected Migrant Workers

The industry will also be allowed to place control area-wise data of COVID-19 affected migrant workers on the portal. For each industry, the central government. Attempting to do a skill mapping of employees living in red, orange and green areas through the portal. This national portal for COVID-19 affected migrant workers will help the industry realize the proximity of workers in the industrial sector.

Central government. It is now permitted to resume economic activities starting from 20 April 2020 in rural areas and industrial areas where the incidence of Covid-19 infection is low. Government. Has allowed migrant workers stranded in relief camps to work within the currently existing state. All workers will be displayed first before workers are allowed to travel to work.

Many state governments such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Haryana are planning to bring back workers belonging to their states to their homes. After the nationwide lockout came into force on 25 March 2020, around 5 to 6 lakh migrant workers were estimated to return home. Central government. Many shelter homes have been set up to accommodate workers to ensure that they do not leave. About 1.04 million workers live in 26,476 relief camps.

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