CSIR launches Aarogya Path Portal at www.aarogyapath.in, National Healthcare Supply Chain Information Platform

CSIR India has launched Aarogya Path portal (www.aarogyapath.in) as a one stop supply chain solution for all your health related needs. This includes PPE, medical equipment, drugs, diagnostic kits, ancillary supplies. The vision of the AarogyaPath initiative is to establish an information management and forecasting database platform at the national level. It will capture demand and supply scenarios for key health services that are essential to national needs.

The Arogya Path portal is essential to deal with current coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic conditions as well as future general and epidemic scenarios. Check out how this Arogya Path platform will help healthcare users / assistants and provide seamless access to manufacturers / suppliers / importers.

CSIR Aarogya Path Portal

The intelligent back end of the Arogya Path portal will not only track demand and supply scenarios for healthcare items, but also their first level components. For this purpose, the Arogyapath platform will utilize the unique capabilities of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Competitor’s 24 * 7 availability to create business opportunities will be helpful in handling COVID-19 like an epidemic. People can now access the new CSIR Arogya Path website through the link given below: –


Arogyapath Portal to Benefit Healthcare Users / Facilitators

AarogyaPath public platform will help healthcare users / facilitators such as: –

  • Hospital.
  • Pathology Laboratories.
  • research institutes.
  • Medical college.
  • Individual patients.

Information to suppliers / manufacturers / importers on health care needs and demands

The Arogya Path platform will provide information about current demands for traditional healthcare needs. This portal will provide easy access to suppliers / manufacturers / importers on the prevailing requirements and demands: –

  • Medical devices.
  • Diagnostic Tools and Accessories.
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Respiratory assist device.
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics.
  • Apparel / cloth.
  • First aid supplies.
  • All other things required for primary, secondary and tertiary health care.

Through this portal, anticipated shortages can be addressed and met at the national level so that any national epidemic situation can be effectively controlled.

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