Get SBI Personal Loan – Eligibility Terms Interest Rate

You can easily take a personal loan from SBI Bank and you do not have to search anywhere about this.

If you want to take SBI personal loan, then its interest rate depends on what kind of personal loan you are taking.

Eligibility - Application form – Identity Proof (PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport etc.) – Bank statement of last 3 or 6  months bank statements – Address proof – Income certificate

Age – 21-65, Indian,Salaried or Self-employed, Min 2 yrs employ with min 4k salary monthly, Credit Score – 750,

Different personal loans available from SBI and how you can take them. you can check them on this article 

The loan amount is determined on the basis of your income and ability to repay the loan and depending on your monthly income

To take a loan from SBI Bank, first of all you have to go to the website  of SBI Bank or the nearest branch and go there, whatever type of loan  you want.